Resource Links

If you are a Mixcraft user and a user of MIDI keyboards, MIDI control surfaces, audio interfaces, virtual instruments, VST effects, loop and sample content, microphones, speakers and other related digital audio software / hardware recording tools and accessories, you should find these recommended links below useful, resourceful and informative.

  • Hardware

    1. MIDI Keyboards
      Record and play virtual instruments using a piano-style keyboard controller. Connect via USB.

    2. MIDI Control Surfaces
      Trigger pads and button control surfaces to record and play loops and samples.

    3. Audio Interfaces
      Plug-in a microphone, guitar and other instruments and audio gear to your computer for recording. Connect via USB.

    4. Microphones
      For studio recording and live performance.

    5. Studio Monitors / Computer Audio Speakers
      Powered desktop stereo speakers for computer recording. Studio monitors.

  • Software

    1. Virtual Instruments
      Pristine sounding emulations of vintage keyboards, analog synthesizers, pianos, orchestral instruments, drum machines.

    2. VST Effects
      VST Audio and MIDI effects plug-ins for editing, mixing, mastering. Delays, Chorus, Reverb, Compression, EQ, Distortion and more.

    3. Royalty Free Loops and Samples
      Loops, samples and sound effects recorded and produced by professional sound designers.

    4. Android / IOS Apps
      Best music apps for musicians.

  • Resources

    1. On-line Music Sites
      Publish, upload, stream and sell your music and videos on-line. Add events, song credits, lyrics and bio. Connect with fans.

    2. On-line Music Sharing
      Upload and share your music projects on-line with band members and other musicians to collaborate with.

    3. Music Technology Publications
      Digital audio recording product reviews, articles and news.