MIDI Control Surfaces

Trigger pads and button control surfaces to record and play loops and samples.

  1. Arturia - Founded in Grenoble in 1999, Arturia specializes in the development of creative, original and unique music software and hardware for pro and amateur musicians.

    BeatStep MIDI Controller

  2. Behringer - Behringer provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories pushing boundaries to design and create quality and affordable products for modern musicians.

    CMD TOUCH TC64 MIDI DJ Controller

    FCB 1010 MIDI Foot Controller

  3. DJ Tech Tools - DJ Tech Tools was born out of a history of hacking consumer DJ products to make them more fun and functional – pushing boundaries starting with the infamous arcade button hacks.

    Midi Fighter 3D MIDI DJ Controller

  4. Frontier - Frontier Design Group is committed to keeping their eyes on the new frontiers of audio equipment design. TranzPort represents a revolutionary way to interact with your Windows or Mac DAW.

    TranzPort Wireless DAW MIDI Controller

  5. Keith McMullen - Keith McMillen has been designing musical instruments since 1982 including the electric violin, the 1st programmable audio mixer, MIDI guitar, QuNeo 3D pad controller and other innovative products

    QuNeo 3D Pad MIDI Controller

  6. Korg - Founded in 1963, now and into the future, Korg continues to create innovative and uncompromising instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators.

    nanoKONTROL2 MIDI Controller

  7. Novation - 20 years of quality sound heritage and well established in the music making industry, the Novation brand allows musicians to make electronic music using synths and computer-enabled technology.

    Launchpad MIDI Controllers

  8. Numark - Continually the 1st to adopt and develop new technologies for DJ’s, Numark empowers DJ’s with revolutionary products that seamlessly combine classic feel with cutting-edge performance capability.

    Orbit Wireless MIDI Controller

  9. Audio Assemble – A comprehensive music website created to assist musicians and producers offering guidance and recommendations for MIDI Control Surfaces and other DAW accessories.

    Best MIDI Pad Controllers

    Best MIDI Foot Controllers

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