Mixcraft 8 Reviews

"Mixcraft 8 is a highly-functional DAW with many features available at a very low price. For home audio use, Mixcraft 8 is a god-send."

- May 2019

"With an easy-to-use interface and a variety of support options, Mixcraft is an outstanding option for anyone looking for powerful and flexible recording software."

- May 2018

"The easy-to-use software makes it perfect to be used by anyone that has interest in audio and video editing for music, both beginners and professionals alike."

- April 2018

“Audio editing is smoother and more integrated than using SONAR — almost Sound Forge like. The company kind of reminds me of an early Cakewalk.”

- March 2018

“Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is just that: a professional studio in a DAW. It has everything you need – and a lot more besides – to make any kind of music. And at less than 200 bucks, it’s crazy cheap, too.”

- December 2017

Read SoftBeat's Mixcraft 8 Review

“Has everything you would need and more from a complete professional DAW, its workflow and layout is head and shoulders ahead of the game for new producers.”

- October 2017

Read SoftBeat's Mixcraft 8 Review

"Mixcraft is still a secret tip, even though the previous version of Mixcraft 7 Pro has offered an impressive total package for..."

- August 2017

"ACOUSTICA has developed MIXCRAFT 8 into a professional working tool,…the classification as a predominantly entry-level or second DAW is no..."

- August 2017

"The new sound engine brings its increased flexibility for sending track and inserting effects and its the fastest and most powerful version of Mixcraft ever released."

- August 2017

"9.5 of out 10! Perfect for home studio owners and professional studio owners as well."

- August 2017

Read Sound on Sound Mixcraft 8 Review

"Mixcraft 8 provides a very solid and well-featured music production environment for Windows users. The Pro Studio version offers excellent value."

- July 2017

Read Stereo Stickman's Mixcraft 8 Review

"From the perspective of a songwriter…you begin playing around with effects and virtual instruments as if it’s merely an extension of your creativity."

- June 2017

Read Performer Magazine Mixcraft 8 Review

"All in all, Mixcraft 8 is a worthy update to a product we already heartily recommend. We daresay this is one of the best values in the industry."

- May 2017

"Everything is so intuitive, and this distinguishes Mixcraft 8 from many other applications…"

- April 2017

"Mixcraft is a fabulous creative tool that will continue finding its way onto the PCs of many artists."

- April 2017

Read Projet Home Studio Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio Review

"As the name suggests, the 'Pro Studio' version includes a whole series of additional evolutions."

- March 2017

"The wealth of functions makes Mixcraft 8, especially Pro Studio a must-have DAW for all professional engineers and producers."

- February 2017

"Mixcraft has grown in version 8 and does not need to shy away from a comparison with far more expensive products. It gets 5 of 5 stars."

- February 2017

"The new updates give Mixcraft 8 an edge over many other DAW on the market today. For only $179, it may well be worth checking out."

- February 2017

Mixcraft 7 Reviews

Read Recording Magazine Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 Review

"The plug-ins are amazing and include virtually every sound one can imagine."

- April 2016

Sound on Sound Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"if you are an existing Mixcraft user, particularly to Pro Studio, upgrading is a no-brainer."

- March 2016

Read MusicRadar Mixcraft Review

"[Mixcraft 7] represents a particularly big step forward. Upgrading is a no-brainer."

- April 2015

Computer Music Magazine Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"Fast, intuitive, and inspirational...A genuinely impressive DAW."

- May 2015

MusicTech Magazine Mixcraft Review

"Mixcraft is a surprisingly advanced DAW at a very attractive price."

- April 2015

Attack Magazine Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"One of the most user-friendly DAWS on the market continues to improve with age."

- September 2015

Professional Sound Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"I can’t get away from repeating how much fun I had working in Mixcraft 7."

- April 2015

Performer Magazine Mixcraft Review

"May well be the best budget software any band or project studio can invest in."

- March 2016

TopTenReviews Mixcraft Review

"Mixcraft 7 is making a push to become a household name in the recording industry."

- June 2015

Read Noisefield Mixcraft Review

"A highly recommended recording-studio for recording, mixing and mastering."

- December 2015

Bedroom Producers Blog Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication."

- January 2015

Canadian Musician Mixcraft 7 Review

"[Mixcraft Pro Studio 7] A gem of a powerful DAW. This is a great program."

- October 2015

Home Music Studio 1 Review

"Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 bundled VST effects and documentation get 10 out of 10."

- September 2015

Musiker Magasinet Mixcraft Review

"There are no (other DAWs) that match Performance Panel"

- February 2015

Musico Pro Mixcraft Review

"Si usted está buscando un DAW, te recomendamos que eches un vistazo Mixcraft 7."

- February 2015

Digital Notes Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"Mixcraft ist 7 ganz einfach und schnell zu bedienen."

- June 2015

Gakki Mixcraft Review


- February 2015

DTM Station Mixcraft Review


- September 2015

Mixcraft 6 Reviews

Electronic Music Magazine Mixcraft Pro Studio Review

"It’s set apart by video capabilities that beat any music DAW, regardless of price."

Recording Magazine Mixcraft Review

"Finally, a feature-rich DAW that almost anyone can use (without a manual)!"

MusicTech Magazine Mixcraft Review

"Rates remarkably high on ease of use, and most impressively on price point."

Sound on Sound Mixcraft Review

"it's an impressively complete and very affordable package that is easy to learn."

Computer Music Magazine Mixcraft Review

"Acoustica continues to improve the software with powerful features."

Keyboard Magazine Mixcraft Review

"You really can’t get any more for any less, and you get much more than you’d expect."

Professional Sound Magazine Mixcraft Review

"All in all, Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 is like the Swiss Army Knife of the audio software world."

PC Advisor Mixcraft Review

"There is enough power in Mixcraft to have you sitting back in disbelief".

HarmonyCentral Mixcraft Review

"[Mixcraft] has always had the reputation for being inexpensive and easy to use."

NZ Musician Mixcraft Review

"Mixcraft is so user friendly you may wonder why other DAWs don’t have features it has."

MusicRadar Mixcraft Review

"Mixcraft has been bothering the low/mid-budget PC DAW market for some years now."

STUDIO Mixcraft Review

"A program to work as a music partner in the longer term." *Note: Language is Swedish.

Music Teacher Magazine Mixcraft Review

"Mixcraft 6 represents a bargain at this price and I highly recommend it."

PC Pro Mixcraft Review

"A surprisingly well-featured and usable digital audio workstation."

Mixcraft 5 Reviews

Review Quote
Music Tech Magazine

"An inspiring and ideal introduction to recording."
–Tony Cliff, March 2011

Recording Magazine

"This new version blurs the distinction between 'entry-level' and 'full-featured' DAWs."
–Recording Magazine, October 2010

Sound on Sound Magazine

"Mixcraft continues to be both good value for money and, as promised, easy to use."
–Sound On Sound Magazine, September 2010

Music Tech Magazine

"Packed with a staggering array of features."
–Music Tech Magazine, May 2010

Keyboard Magazine

"Mixcraft goes the extra mile."
–Craig Anderton, Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Computer Music Magazine

"Mixcraft remains an accessible , affordable and stable application that enables you to make music quickly."
–Computer Music Magazine, May 2010

EQ Magazine

"Mixcraft is an overachiever."
–Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine, May 2010

MusicRadar Review

"If Acoustica keeps improving Mixcraft at the current rate, its users may not feel like they need to go anywhere else."

Houston Music Review

"If you find yourself pulling your hair with the complexities of your more expensive DAW - spare yourself the trouble and give Mixcraft a spin!"
–A. Dorian

PC World Review

""$75 for a program that has a variety of pro-quality track and mastering FX, eight virtual instruments, rock-solid recording and editing, [...] a sound library and notation? Get outta town."
–Jon L. Jacobi


"Acoustica Mixcraft 5: To Call It A Major Upgrade Would Be An Understatement"
—Owen O'Malley

Pro Sound News

" I’d also never seen so much attention showered on Mixcraft 5, a $65 DAW from Acoustica, that delivers much of the big boys’ bang for much less bucks. Keep your eyes on this program. "
—Craig Anderton