Mixcraft Testimonials

From the NAMM Show

A big thanks to our fans who stopped by our NAMM Show booth to say hello and tell us how much they enjoy recording with Mixcraft.

I have two stories, one is long and one is short, here is the short version. I have been using mixcraft since version 1. I upgraded to to version 2, After that all the upgrades just seemed to be more for looks than anything else and since version 2 did everything I wanted why upgrade? now fast forward 12 years later. I tried the latest version, 8, and bought it. period. end of story. So for those of you that are wanting a DAW that simply works and is good or better than Pro Tools, buy it. never mind of the low cost, just buy it!!! or better yet, download it and give it a whirl with the free version and you will buy it.

Jess Tolbirt

Acoustica has done a fantastic job. I purchased a competitor's product about 2 years ago and all I got from it was frustration. Not so with Mixcraft. Easy to use and packed with quality features that make my dream a reality. Thank you for your wonderful product.

I was new to DAW recording and bought a Focusrite interface. It came with free versions of Ableton Lite and ProTools First. I fumbled through both, trying to figure out how to use them and began thinking I was over my head. As a beginner, they were hard to figure out. I was worried that I wasted my money. I was ready to give up on DAW recording but as a last resort I started checking around for alternatives. From years ago I recalled something called Garage Band and that led me to Acoustica Mixcraft 8 since I am Windows based. Watching the tutorials I immediately though I could probably do this. And, as Acoustica states, Mixcraft seemed written by musicians for musicians not by engineers for musicians. There's a big difference in that concept. So, I took a chance with Mixcraft Home Studio 8 and immediately was able to use it. Also, thanks to Mixcraft's super-great help desk personnel (specifically Greg) I was able to get all my questions answered and quickly begin making songs. Within a few weeks I upgraded to Pro Studio 8 and I'm so happy. I love Mixcraft. It's easy to use and I'm having a ball recording my songs. I highly recommend Mixcraft, especially to those people new to DAW recording, and to those very familiar with DAW recording and want a solid, easy to use pro format. Also, unique to Mixcraft is their Freesound online database link to sounds and music in the public domain that are free to use. BUY MIXCRAFT!!!! You won't be disappointed.

I just wanted to tell my story. After using Reaper a long time I wanted to move to a DAW that really helped get the juices flowing as far as creativity goes. Reaper is powerful but it doesn't have clip based loop recording like Ableton or Bitwig.

On a Whim I found Mixcraft 8 on a DAW comparison website and it got generally favorable reviews. However there seemed to be a stigma associated with it.

The price is shockingly low for what you get. I downloaded the trial for Recording studio and got hooked.

But before I purchased I thought I owed it to myself to try other DAWs for comparison.

Sonar Professional was about the same price and had clip based launching. I instantly hated that DAW.

Now I've been using Reaper for years and started off on FL Studio. So I know my way around a DAW and can figure out pretty much any DAW I touch but Sonar is god awful. The interface was all over the place and I had to spend a lot of time just setting it up.

So I tried Bitwig. Bitwig is great but not 400 bones great. It's pretty and the live clip recording is great, but it's midi support is abyssmal. I had to add my midi keyboard as a generic and it doesn't even allow seperate channel routing for different instruments. This was a deal breaker. A great piece of software ruined by terrible midi support. On top of that it's VST organization takes awhile to get used to.

After spending countless hours learning countless DAWs I realized Mixcraft is perfect for me. It's handled all my plugins flawlessly. Has the BEST midi support I've seen yet and the midi learn works better than any other midi learn I've used and the instruments it comes with are quite usuable. On top of that the Library function is second to none.

I have found my song writing Muse with Mixcraft and will use it in conjuction with Reaper when needed.

I just wanted to share that this guy has tried and used many different DAWs, but ONLY Mixcraft delivered exactly the right combination of features and performance I needed and wanted and I just bought the license today.

I don't know where the stigma comes from, I think people are afraid of its very unassuming looking interface and think it's a toy. Or maybe it's the low price. But I have yet to see any software designer put so much thought in functionality as Acoustica has had. But it is simply a great tool to make great music quickly.

I hope to contribute my feedback for future improvements of this great piece of software and will share my creations and hopefully future tutorials with you all.

James Tillman via Facebook

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - even more defined & I'm in love with this new melodyne plug in! You Still have Izotope Mastering essentials in there! Those new EQ's are awesome!! I don't know where you guys find all of this excellent stuff to stick together & it flow so well on system resources & CPU usage. Interface & GUI are amazing, I upgraded from Mixcraft 7.X Pro Studio & am in the process of building a Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - dedicated, speedy laptop! But, I love it! I didn't think I would love it more than 7 Pro! But you guys just keep making it better, new synths, piano roll is tight, Composing is a joy, MIDI interface is even easier! Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio, Ha! Yes, it is possible to love a Studio DAW as much as a Human!! Thanks for the Hard Work & just in time for a project I'm working on!! I will always be a Mixcraftian! Will always, have Mixcraft Pro Studio, at the lead in my studio!


Mixcraft 7 is the best DAW I have ever used. When I'm writing and demoing, I don't want down time or interruptions. Mixcraft 7 allows me to dig right in and work with PRO results. I was creating music within minutes of my first time using it. I'm hooked!

Jim Durkin - Dark Angel/ Dreams of Damnation

I upgraded to Mixcraft 7 last week and wanted to leave some comments about my experience for other older version users who are thinking about upgrading. The Journeys virtual instrument is worth the upgrade price alone and the performance panel, step editor and the Alpha and Omni samplers are really cool especially for someone like me that used tracker software in the past. There are a couple of things that have changed in the workflow design, the project tempo, time signature and key are no longer on the project tab at the bottom and it took me awhile to realize they are on the song clock in plain sight. The biggest change that I didn't like at first was how new projects are saved. When you save a new project for the first time and give it a file name it actually creates a folder of that name with the project in that folder using the same name. I didn't like that at first but after deciding to embrace the new workflow I like it now. It sure beats the old method in 6 of automatically creating "New Project #" folders every time. I've had no problems with hardware or older projects (all the way back to MX3 files) and all my vst presets and preferences came along properly to the new version. Some of the small new features are huge for me like the simple addition of a "recently used" when selecting a vst is awesome since I tend to use a lot of the same instruments and fx over and over but the ability to manage and group and turn on or off plugins in the plugin manager is a big plus on my workflow. I've also noticed some issues with buggy vsts are gone like ones that sometimes would keep playing after stopping a track and proper resets when rewinding a track so an effect or instruments sounds the same each time you restart the track. In the past I would have to close the project and re-open it before mixing down to guarantee a song's instruments and fx would have the expected sound (like an evolving filter or flange etc). A big thumbs up to the Mixcraft team and version 7 - upgrading is a no-brainer people.

Tad Rees

"I love it. My favorite audio mixing program ever. I think it's much easier to use than any of the Adobe products and at a fraction of the cost.

I have been using Mixcraft for several years. The features that are in v7 are competitive with most other DAWS out there. There's just one thing that confuses me. Why ANY musician would spend their valuable time tackling the other DAW's learning curve, when you can very quickly be up to speed using MixCraft. To be fair, I only tried 4 other DAWs, and like MC, I downloaded the trial version of each. It was at that point, I realized how quickly I could start actually making music with MixCraft. I never looked back, and I am impressed with the innovation that continues from the hard-working folks at Acoustica. (and no...I was not rewarded in any way to write this review).

I'm a loooong time Acoustica customer. I started using Mixcraft 4 when it came out (back around 2004 or 2005). Mixcraft 7 is a far cry forward from version 4 and has proven to be one of the most innovative and progressing multi track recording software programs on the market.

I started using Mixcraft years ago to record some acoustic guitar and vocal tracks through a plain old computer microphone. It was amazing at how I could do this and create such a studio quality sound with the loaded effects and other features included in Mixcraft. From there it just got more and more intense as I started to educate myself on how to use the many other features of the software that I discovered over time.

From beat matching to track by track recording and music mixing, mashing and then rendering it down to an MP3 track, you cannot beat this software. Now, Mixcraft has video import technology, more built-in loops, effects and so many other features it is absolutely impossible for me to talk about all of them here. Please read the description and then expect 100X more than that when you install this awesome software. I would put my reputation on the line to say that for the money and the amazing value, you cannot find better dj software anywhere.

Great DAW. Easy to learn and user friendly. Video training available through Mixcraft University and private users on you tube. Midi compatible and works with my Focusrite pre-amp for recording. Comes with a lot extras including completed projects and thousands of loops and sound effects.

I am a professional music producer and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is my go-to DAW. It is the easiest to use and provides most every feature I need. This seventh version was recently released and comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions. It is loaded with improvements(but even the previous version was great!) and really blows the competition away! The improvements include new synths, presets, sampling software, a much improved help manual, and much more. Not only is this the best overall DAW on the market, but the price is among the lowest. Combine this with great tech support and you have an unbeatable tool. I have mentioned some suggestions to Mixcraft over the years which I wish they would include. In particular, there is only one feature not included which forces me to occasionally resort to Ableton: continuous transposition of audio files. It is an important tool in such applications as cinematic music. They could accomplish this by just supplying a transposing plugin and then it could even be used in automation. Even Ableton doesn't automate that feature. I should also mention that Mixcraft allows very easy use of plugins. Both the 32 and 64 bit versions will even recognize and utilize both 32 bit and 64 bit plugins. Even Ableton doesn't do that. So, if you are shopping around for a DAW and think there must be something wrong with this because it is so much less expensive than some other popular ones, I can assure you that is not the case. This is the best!

By the way, I notice in the description that it mentions 18 virtual instruments. That is an error. There are hundreds of virtual instruments! They might be referring to the number of underlying synths that are used to create various virtual instruments, but there are many, many virtual instruments from kotos, dulcimers, Irish bagpipes, pianos, guitars, banjos, timpani, glockenspiels, glass harmonicas, accordions, bassoons, oboes, and pretty much everything else!

Mixcraft is fantastic! Easy to use, quick to learn, but still packed with every function you could need. Its hard to find fault with Mixcraft 7. Its a full fledged DAW that without issue competes with every big name in the scene, for only a fraction of the cost. Not only is the program fantastic, so is the customer support. Always a quick response, and always a solution to your problems.

Jonas Ramsfjell

Great piece of software, easy to use, very intuitive and loaded with effects and music loops. You can put together a song in less than a half hour. I've been using Mixcraft for over 3 years now and none of the other DAW's out there have anything better. It's the complete package with a superior customer service and outstanding technical support.

Tom Heinzinger

Ok You got me. I thought you guys were pulling my leg. Pro Studio is better than ever in the 7 edition. I couldn't believe my ears after I finished my first song. Now I'm experimenting with the Omni sampler and this thing is really blowing my mind. Kudos folks you've outdone yourselves on this one. Lovin' It!!

Ray Prichard

Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is the best recording software on the market today. I can record and mix music better than people I know working in big studios using other software such as Pro Tools or Cubase. I've been using Mixcraft for about 8 years now and don't plan on stopping. Great product and great customer support.

Ray Prichard

I love Mixcraft. After lots of searching and demoing of several programs, I finally found the perfect one. Other programs took ages to even get up and running, with starting recording taking even longer. With Mixcraft, I can start it up and immediately begin creating music. It's also insanely cheap for all of the content it comes with, and was well within my budget. I'd say it was money well spent.


Bought Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 after almost 6 months of eyeing it and I am simply blown away. I was always a hardware synth kinda guy and haven't dabbled into the realm of VSTs and Virtual Instruments but the way mixcraft introduces one to this is simply amazing. I grew up with mixcraft since Mixcraft v2 and saw the program undergo so many little updates in usability and although some didn't transfer over all the way to mixcraft 7 the UI is spot on and more streamlined than I ever remember. It's leaner, meaner & cleaner than ever before and I am so glad they incorporated 64-bit. With the inclusion of video sequencing this is one highly powerful tool for the creation of art. It will always remain my go to software for ANY audio production & recording. Better things may come along but in the end, there's not one thing I'd change on Pro studio 7 right now. Do yourself a favor and skip Mixcraft 7 and get the Pro version, the added instruments are truly worth it. I am serious, you have yet to hear a grand piano sample as beautiful as this in a LONG time.

Tasnik Khan

Easiest DAW to use HANDS DOWN. Comes loaded with effects and instruments. Can't beat it for the price! You're a maniac if you don't give it a shot.

Matt Evans Richmond

The new Mixcraft Pro Studio 7 is the best ever! The new features blow away the competition. At a great price, it is perfect for professional use as well as for the amateur. It combines advanced features with a very friendly ease of use. The documentation has also been improved and is better than ever and very easy to follow. Whether you are new to digital audio or a pro, this is a perfect choice!

Jack Wilinsky

I have owned Mixcraft 5, 6 and now Pro Studio 7. Wow, you finally converted to 64 bit and the studio quality of the sounds are breath taking. I have just started recording some new age material and the virtual sounds and pro quality effects really inspire me to create even better music. Just a salute to all of the software developers of this grand version. Hats off to you all. Awesome software. Thanks Happy New Year!

Jerry Lanier

Mixcraft is an amazing program. For beginners, it is really easy to get started. Just make sure you are properly connected, choose an audio or virtual instrument track, arm the track, and you are ready to record. It's about that simple. This has made it much easier to spend time actually making music rather than spending hours trying to figure out the software. For those more advanced, especially with Pro Studio and version 6, Mixcraft is very powerful and capable of doing quite a bit. I am able to use Superior Drummer and various other VST programs with no trouble whatsoever. I would challenge anyone to give Mixcraft a try. On a regular basis, I collaborate with others using Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and other such programs. The result I have seen through Mixcraft have been outstanding and professional, with absolutely no compromise in quality.

Alan Craig

I send my message by mail just to tell you that I am very, even extremely happy to have found your ingenious recording studio set. If I had been (made) aware of "Mixcraft Pro Studio 5" I would have very probably bought that version, but since a couple of months I use "Mixcraft 5"...and I am enjoying every second of it! A friend of mine, we play in the same band, is using Garageband for as long as I know him and ever since then I was jealous of the possibilities and the layout of it. Imac being too expensive for me, I was doomed or so it seemed, to watch him play with all sorts of instruments and create nice and well sounding songs, until I was tipped to go see your Mixcraft 5. So well a suggestion that was, and here I am spending time almost every day, sometimes a couple of hours to create and compose. It gives me so much pleasure and energy, I cannot thank you enough! Maybe someday you will listen to one of my songs, thank you.

Hans Stramrood

I would like to compliment you on an excellent piece of software! I heard about Mixcraft from your emails after I purchased Spin It Again some years ago. It, too, is a great tool, and I used it to convert many cassette tapes to MP3 format. Mixcraft proved easy to learn. I purchased the book "Making Music with Garage Band and Mixcraft", and it was more than sufficient introduction to the tool " I stopped after chapter 6. Your software allowed an old man like me, with no prior music knowledge, to create music " something that I have always wanted to do. (My input is a Casio Privia PX 130 Keyboard.) - The "piano roll" display of notes is very intuitive. I can compose a track on an instrument, the "Bright Piano" for instance. Then I can simply duplicate the track to another, for example the "Mono Strings Cello", or the Water Flute, or one of the "Ambient Wind" selections from "Acoustica Expanded Instruments", keeping the same notes or perhaps removing some, perhaps even moving the set of notes up or down one octave. This makes great accompaniments. Also, being able to manipulate the separate "volume" line in each section of track allows me to easily adjust the level of the accompaniment, or fade it in or out. The "sound" section with the piano roll view lets me correct a lot of sins: - Hit the wrong key in a chord? I simply delete the wrong note. - Didn't hit a key hard enough? I can simply tweak the "Velocity". - Don't have the technique to "roll"a chord? I can just tweak the position of the three notes so that there is, say , a 1/16 delay between their starting position. - Too slow? Too fast? Too much delay in trying to find the right key? I can just move the notes around a bit. The selection of instruments is spectacular. Further, I would say that some of the best, most pleasing sounds are from the "Acoustica Expanded Instruments" category.

Jim Adams

Nothing Changes, but just gets better and better. I've been using Mixcraft 5 since April 2010.. Awesome DAW software, that's never let me down. And the more I used it, the more I found surprises on its ability. I've just been trying the latest beta version of Mixcraft 6 ..... Wohaa .... what's going on ..... this isn't just a fancy makeover, with some extra frills thrown in to keep you happy..... no way, this is like trading a rowing boat for a speed boat.. features added to speed things up, not to confuse you and slow you down. Loops, punch in, reverse, auto lane creation AND control surface midi mapping ....plus more more more ... Have you guys at Mixcraft gone nuts? You're selling this for the price of Mixcraft 5? Bet there's some major DAW manufacturers wondering if they'll be in a job next year... THANKS MIXCRAFT . . I'm so impressed, I've PAID for the beta version .... I have NO association with Acoustica OR any of their employees ... this endorsement is totally voluntary .. on the basis of what I have found.

Nick Nicholson

I am fairly new to recording. Can't tell you how many trial versions of software I have tried from Cube Base to Reason and Cakewalk, Cool Edit pro, etc. You sit there looking a the screen overwhelmed by confusion and lack of intuitive GUI as well as listed links for tutorials that force you to read text and not see and learn which is more natural. On a whim I tried Mixcraft; Right off the bat you have two choices, Video lessons and or get right into the software. If you save the video lessons you can have them open and refer to the task at hand real time while you're doing it. No glitches, no errors, just simply works. In a few days I was able to take a song that we play as an original with my band and get a playable cut. No interface but using the computer keyboard and drag drop stretch and let the mouse do the work. If you get stuck, go back to the video tutorials which cover most of what you need to get going. The sound quality is excellent and the guys in the band were floored that I went from "Zero" experience with a DAW to a full enjoyable progressive instrumental in several days. I can't speak more highly of this program and company. Every email I have sent for even basic newbie support gets responded to that day and I am back to the business of creativity. Simply stated, 100% satisfied.


Your Mixcraft software is the best for the PC market by far. I have used DAWs for 20 years and am pleased to recommend Mixcraft to everyone!


enjoy mixcraft because is not complicated to use unlike my experience with other software. I also commend it for it's quailty of sound and music.

Joseph Tomasino

I have been recording in and out of the studio, professionally, and for my own purposes, for years. One thing I've made note of, was checking out the various DAW options for when it came time to build my own. That being said, I've used Sony ACID Pro 7 for years, also dabbled in Sony Vegas Pro 8 (Video Editing) and such, and have come to find that I love those programs. However, once I stumbled upon your program, I downloaded the trial, played with it for about 5 hours, and decided to pull the trigger. That was 10 minutes ago, and I'm currently downloading from the new link, the full blown program with add-ons. CAN NOT WAIT! There is something about your interface and ease of usage that makes this an absolute must have in addition to the other programs I have. I love the fact that all the Sony ACID and Garage band apple files can be used in this program along with my ToonTracks EZDrummer VST. Those were the clinchers for me. Can't wait to see what version 6 has in store for me already!

Thomas E Rice

I own most of the sequencing products out there like Pro-tools, reason etc, and mixcraft pro can hold its own with the best of them!

Stan Memphis

I am using mixcraft5 to record my music, I love it is easy to use and it sound good thanks for mixcraft5 kool


love mixcraft! It's an easy way to make music! It has totally lighten up my life!!! love love love it!

Linn Sweden

I was given a PC and needed a program that would work with Windows. I know a lot of people really like Sonar, so I tried them out for 30 days. My experience was very unproductive and frustrating. To me, it was very confusing and not the least bit intuitive. I spent most of my time trying to figure out the program and very little time making music. For some reason, I could not seem to get any volume out of midi tracks. After reading about Mixcraft, I decided to try it out for 14 days. Literally in less than a minute, I was able plug in, arm a midi track, get sound, and record. This program is amazing and incredibly easy to use! It's simple and intuitive, yet quite powerful. Now, I am able to spend time actually making music. I have since upgraded to Pro Studio and am looking forward to version 6. For anyone interested in recording or frustrated with other DAWs, I would wholeheartedly recommend Mixcraft.

Alan Craig

I never used the DAW software supplied with my guitar multi fx device, because it was cluttered and non intuitive. What a relief and joy to use Mixcraft! With all the excellently made tutorials I got started in a few hours. I have used it may hours now and with many third-party plug-ins. It never misbehaved once. Unbelievable what you get for the price. If your music production is not good, the DAW will not be the excuse.

Helmut Gragger

Hey, can't tell you how much I love your software. I have been using cakewalk the last 10 years(5 of them susing out how to use the thing)! Then it was time to change from xp to win7,upgraded the cakewalk. Then it felt like I just jumped into the DeLorean and went back in time!.Until I came across MX5,so unbelievably user friendly!!thanks a lot team MX!

Rich Whyte

Hey everybody, I been producing for a while now, and amongst other programs that I use, Mixcraft is in there. It's simple set up lets you breeze through laying tracks without a hitch. You can play your instruments live, or jump into the samples they have and in no time, you'll have a good sounding recording that you'll be proud of. It's one of the best you can use for recording vocals. I lay all my vocals with it then export. Plug ins are easy to install, rendering, mixing down, effects, it has it all. So I feel it's the perfect program to create with. Don't take my word for it, download the trial version, get to know it, and see for yourself. Nothing but love for Mixcraft. This is Skillfulgil, Hispanical Law Productions and I use Mixcraft.

Gilberto Sanchez

I finally got around to putting my songs on computer and fired up GarageBand, but my old Mac just couldn't handle it so I searched around the web for something similar to use on my windows7 laptop and stumbled onto Mixcraft. Within 2 hrs, using the trial, without any experience I had created a cool track using loops in a couple of hours. Now I am putting down more ideas and adding real live instruments and vocals. Looking forward to finding more samples, loops and instruments to add and expand into.


I have to say, after using other programs like Ableton and Cubase, Mixcraft blew me away. For only $80 (seriously, it should be higher!) it's an extremely capable piece of software. I took to it quicker than I did other programs. I'm only 16, and finding something that's inexpensive that also works is important, especially on the teenage low budget! Hooking up all of my external equipment and getting it working was a cinch as well. I'm anticipating Mixcraft 6! Seriously, keep up the great work!


I work long hours and have a family, but I love my music. Never found time to "learn" a recording program before. With Mixcraft I just do it!! After one evening I had a bass line down, and by the end of the week I was ready to mix down 12 tracks. 2 days later I uploaded my new song on to Youtube.... Best software I ever bought..Brilliant... THANKYOU

Rob Redfern

After trying different products of recording studio software and seeing how user unfriendly other products are I run into you guys and I was very impressed with your software. Not just because of how user-friendly it is, but because as a musician I am not interested in the engineering part; I like 1,2,3...boom...recording and that is what makes this software perfect, but besides that what makes it more satisfying and very professional is that you guys follow up with an email and two tutorials of how to use the trial version which in my book makes mixcraft the perfect choice for me. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

Mary Nell Lopez

Amazing piece of software! I've been using Mixcraft since back when it was only version 1 and since then every version has been so much better than the last. Bottom line, if you're looking for some powerful software at a reasonable price that you can be sure will just get better as time goes on - get mixcraft!

James R

Every day, every hour, every minute I spend "in the studio" with Mixcraft 5, I marvel at the awesome power to create sonic landscapes that this DAW affords me! It has everything I need and more...I learn by doing, and it's ohhh so intuitive. I previously used a hard-disc 16 channel all-in-one, so the learning curve was just a tad challenging. But within a week, I was automating, using vst plug-ins, copy-and-paste editing and mixing down my project. I'm doing my entire 11-song 2nd CD titled HEAVY MUSE. Importing wav files is easy as cake...I'm currently using Beatcraft for drums, soon to be partnered with SSD EX, and Mixcraft anticipates what i want to do...it's truly scary and highly gratifying at the same time. My friend is an exec producer/recording engineer in an Indie studio in FLA, uses and swears by Studio One, but can't believe the quality of my recording projects! When he complains that his trial versions of certain vst's are boinking out, I have to chuckle...three times now, I find I have the same vst's INCLUDED in Mixcraft 5...VALUE, INTUITIVE FEATURES, UNLIMITED TRACKS...32 BIT STEREO...I spread the word to all who will listen...GO MIXCRAFT!


I've been kicking myself for not finding out about Mixcraft sooner. I've said for many years "why do some programs cost so much but do so little?". Mixcraf 5 has everything you need from a pro player to a part-time doodler and the price for what you get blows any competitors out of the water. It's very easy to use and the quality of the loops are as good as any I've heard. Absolutely spot on and one very important thing comes across, this company isn't greedy!!! Well done to all who work on Mixcraft and keep up the good work.

Jim Oakton

I'm a retired musician, having performed over 40 years in symphony orchestras and as a free lancer with performers like Peggy Lee, Vic Damone, Sonny & Cher, Issac Hayes, and Curtis Mayfield. I have often wanted to write but knew of only Finale or Sibelius, both of which had very steep learning curves and were notation based, or banging things out on a piano with pencil behind the ear and staff paper in front of me(and a very large eraser). After retirement I wanted to approach music making in a different way. Enter Mixcraft. First of all, there was no learning curve! Within the first 2 hours I had produced an orchestral fanfare, a Santana-like Latin theme, a New age intro using a bell sound I downloaded from elsewhere and a raucous Celtic-sounding romp. That's right all that in 2 hours and without the benefit of a midi keyboard, though it would have been beneficial. This was possible first of all because of the incredibly easy interface and also because of the "piano roll" display which made it extremely easy to correct keying and minor rhythmic mistakes. Mixcraft has changed my approach to music making from note-based to sound based which is more natural. If I decide I want to print out sheet music I know the ability is there. I am so pleased that I have ordered the Mixcraft 5 Pro Studio and Beatcraft. The non-existent learning curve and sound based display could very likely spawn a new generation of composers and help existing creators in all genres to up their product quality.

Ken S

After chasing the dream of becoming a DJ and dance music producer since the age of 13, I gave up. I struggled with software for years, spent lots of money on external hardware and still couldn't get where I wanted to be - then came Mixcraft. I have used the product now for three years, written over 40 original tracks, hardly leaving the studio. Last Friday I signed and exclusive 5 year record contract, I have a 5 track EP due out next month, I have several VERY big DJ bookings, and my life is complete. What ever happens from here, everyone I meet will be told the reason I am here is Mixcraft! I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful software.

Brother Bliss

"Mixcraft is an absolute godsend to any musician who doesn't happen to be a technophile. As a singer and very basic guitar player, I've been able to create simple demos that have got me as far as the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest. I've also used it to showcase new songs for my band. The loops are great and I've used them to create whole songs - one of which also semi-finalled in the UKSC Mixcraft is the best program for muos on the planet! And you can quote me!

Steve Hutchinson

Just want to let you know what a GREAT program Mixcraft is and how much it is appreciated. It's enabled me to do things I never thought possible. Thank you thank you thank you.

Victor Grauer

After dealing with Sonar 7 and hoping the new Sonar would be an improvement has just let me down completely. I found your product and downloaded the trial, I was up and running in 10 minutes with no stupid error messages no "you need this, or this conflicts with that". I'm done with Sonar, and really tired of the head-ache they have cause me for two years. Good idea but is not user friendly. I'm going to buy this product and tell everyone about it. My only thing is I would love to be able to use Reason with this.. but I know you can't have everything.. But I played with this for 30 minutes and had a smile on my face because now I can get back to the joys of recording songs, not dinking around with just trying to make the software configure and work properly.

Mudi Moog

This is a really easy to use piece of software which gives me everything I need. I've just started singing again and am busy switching from opera to jazz/contemporary, so being able to listen to myself while I fiddle with technique is vital. Mixcraft is great as it makes it easy to record, but nevertheless has a lot of power if I drill down to do some fine editing. Am extremely happy with it and will definitely stick with it!

Caroline Barnard

Each time I use Mixcraft 5 it continues to amaze me with it's user-friendliness/intuitiveness, in addition to it's capabilities. I have finally found a PC multitrack program that doesn't get in the way of the creative process - in fact, Mixcraft 5 aids that process in an exciting way...I know I can come up with a musical idea and have a basic demo down very quickly and build it from there. If you've been intimidated by other computer-based DAW's - as I was - you really owe it to yourself to check out Mixcraft.

Rick H

I've been using Mixcraft for quite a while now and it's the best. Yes I've sipped the protools kool aid and many more thinking that if Mixcraft is so inexpensive then the more expensive programs would have a ton more to offer, Boy was I wrong, lol. My band recorded at a zillion dollar studio with mountains of cool equipment and all I can think of now is I could have done better in my crappy corner of the kitchen studio at Mi casa (wasted 500 bucks BLAH!!!) So now I'm building my own studio that will Have Mixcraft running cause Pro Tools is for Pro Fools!!! (sorry for the bad joke he he) When will the world wake up and give this great product the credit it deserves?


Because of Mixcraft I can produce some industry sounding tracks and recordings with minor issues. You guys are first class all the way. Thank you for the information on Mixcraft Pro Studio 5. I definitively will be upgrading this week to get my hands on those VST's and get Pro 6 as well when its available. IMO this is the easiest most intuitive software around PERIOD! Complete with so much depth, yet simple enough for the average person to figure out. Keep up the excellent work...

Jesse Gallegos

Great bit of software: simple, precise, and easy to use. I've used more expensive pieces of software but found they tie up too many computer resources. Mixcraft is ideal for beginners and pros alike and with the powerful video editing and sound linking - it opens up a whole new user market. Good one Mixcraft.

F. Jones

Used various analogue recorders in the past, last being a Korg D8, purchased Beatcraft and then moved to Mixcraft 5 - as a guitarist I can ask for no more. Mixcraft offers excellent value, simplicity and provides the balance\ for a musician to play and create.


Mixcraft 5 is ideal for me. Powerful but cheap. Proof that developers don't have to be greedy. Mixcraft is simply the best. Best for audio recording/midi backup. I mean its the best. Pair it up with Audio Kontrol 1 and their is no better combination....none

Brain Waymire

When it comes to midi playback Mixcraft blows them away in sound qaulity and performance, you guys rock!


I recently purchased and downloaded Mixcraft 5 from Acoustica and have been having so much fun! I am a cancer outpatient at the local hospice and have regular music therapy which I enjoy so much. It was my therapist who recommended Mixcraft.

Thank you for such great software. You never know, you might even see me at the top of the charts one day!


I tried out a ton of different daws, from free to extremely expensive. Repeatedly, I found too steep a learning curve, or too simple of a program.

Mixcraft perfectly bridges this gap for a novice like me. I can hammer out music with virtually no trouble, ever. When there is trouble, I submit a bug report - The ones that were getting to me have all been fixed WITHIN A WEEK.

I purchased the 60 day trial to make sure it was right for me versus slightly more "feature rich" (bulky and difficult to use as I've found) DAWs, and still, it is amazing - I just purchased the full version and couldn't be more pleased with this wonderful software.

Jacob Curtis

Thanks to Dan, Joseph and everyone at Acoustica for great programming work on Mixcraft 5. I'm having a blast playing my guitar regularly, for the first time, since my last band 16 years ago. The Shred Amp Simulator is an excellent addition, the loops, vst effects, and instruments included are top notch. Bought a new laptop specifically to run Mixcraft 5. Happy to support Acoustica.

Bill Smolenski

Im a singer/songwriter and have never been able to produce my self seriously. I bought Mixcraft 5 two months ago, after finding it on YouTube. Using it for the first time I have been able to produce 5 great songs with my midi keyboard that im so happy with! Thank you mixcraft!

Recently while working on a new album I decided to shift over to computer recording in my home studio. The learning curve was quite steep and I went through several programs like Pro-Tools, Sonar, and Cubase -- they were not friendly and created problems on my PC. I was all set to breakdown and buy a Mac, when I found Mixcraft 5. This program is so easy-to-use and works perfectly on my PC, I can now concentrate on my music. Better yet, the tech support is superior to any tech support I have seen and the customer service is spectacular. Mixcraft truly meets Acoustica's motto 'software should be easy-to-use' and fills a big hole in the PC market.

Glenn Zottola (International jazz recording artist, producer, and band-leader)

Mixcraft has a bright future. It's stable, well written, thoughtfully executed, and a pleasure to use. 9 out of 10 times, if I just want to play and noodle around with effects and layers, I will open Mixcraft 5 over Live 8.

Alan Vickery

"I've always been a Digi Pro / Pro Tools guy, but I have to tell you this new Version 5, all things considered, is the best I have worked with. I loved the user friendly Mixcraft 4, but it just doesn't have what the big names have. I downloaded 5 today and was just amazed at the improvements Acoustica made from 4.


Amazing software, I have been using it since version 2. I stopped using it for a while and used Cubase and few other programs but you guys won me back after version 3, I stuck around and man am I glad I did! Version 5 is just incredible, the automated effects controls allow me to use a simple pitch shifter to do automatic pitch shifting with a simple VST pitch shifter —easily fixing flats and sharps in vocals smoothly! Can't wait to see what's next.

James Harmer

This is one of the BEST programs that I have ever used, It is just like Pro tools but better, CHEAPER, and easier. I highly recommend this program to everyone —especially to a musician who is on a budget like me.


I've been using Mixcraft now for around 2 years and I'm impressed. It does everything I need and more, if you want total control over your tracks with ease then this is for you, I highly recommend it.

Daniel James

LOVE IT! I've never had so much fun making music it's awesome really thankful for an AWESOME product!!

Josh Frederick

This is an amazing upgrade! Minimal learning curve from 4 to 5 but the production level is crazy. Thanks guys, this is way more than I expected.

David Floyd Cartner

I was a beta tester for Mixcraft 5 and think it is a super great and easy-to-use program that I enjoy using for everyday music editing, I am excited to see what new things will come of it. Keep up the great work!

Jonathon Edstrom

Get a studio for a song —I have my work cut out to write the song that comes anywhere near what mixcraft 5 has to offer. Fantastic software well done Acoustica my moneys on you everytime.

John Weinowski

Thank you very much. I'm impressed by the speed of your reply. What's more, the code has arrived a bit before your email.

I've been using the trial for Mixcraft 4 and it's so easy to use and very powerful for all my needs. So keep up with this great work!

Aitor Valle

Awesome! Thanks! I love the new version already. Used it last night to mix a video demonstrating the use of all my DJ lights. Job well done you guys!

Sean Perry, Perry Computers

I am amazed with how much Mixcraft has to offer for the price. I have used this software to create sweepers for my online radio station as well as recording my own mixes. It has been nothing but a blast! Thank you so much for creating this program. It is so easy to work I upgraded from 4 the day you guys posted it on the website. I'm a proud member of mixcraftlive.com and very satisfied customer of Acoustica.

Drew Rose

Best software out in the marketplace, I tried Mixcraft 4, now 5 and wow, I'm so happy with it.

Mario Zamora

Amazing software, I have been using it since version 2... I stopped using it for a while and used Cubase and few other programs but you guys won me back after version 3, I stuck around and man am I glad I did! Version 5 is just incredible, the automated effects controls allow me to use a simple pitch shifter to do aut...omatic pitch shifting with a simple VST pitch shifter... easily fixing flats and sharps in vocals smoothly!!

Also, I showed this software to a pro... Jesse Sprinkle, he works for Solid State Records, Tooth & Nail Records and Amani Records as well as a few others. He runs a professional studio and his brother Aaron has produced Underoaths albums as well as several others. He was impressed by the software and even more impressed by the price. Mixcraft is certainly no toy!

Can't wait to see what's next.

James Harmer

My little Mixcraft groove "Don't See Me Workin' For You" has held the #1 pop song on the Canadianmusic.com chart and holding all time #1 for the last 2 months. Who'da thunk it! What a great studio system for 'part timers' like me.

Sim, mixcraftlive.com/sim

Mixcraft has got to be the most user friendly Mixing software in the world. I'm a musician and have the ability to orchestrate; Mixcraft has given me the ability to express that. There is nothing more frustrating than having having the ability to create what is inside your Heart, soul and mind yet because I am not well versed in the mixing software world I constanly was confronted with problems. I always wondered why the music software companies were blind to that..Mixcraft, I thank you for opening your eyes and seeing our needs...I have tried many, many software in the market place. On a scale of 10, I give you 100... Again thank you so much...

Jimmy Graziano

I've been a user since Mixcraft 2. Coming from Audacity, I've tried several other brands like Cakewalk, N-Studio and more; nothing compares to Mixcraft. From the product features to tech support it is just awesome, as well as easy to understand and use. The recent upgrades for virtual instruments, notation and video only give it the power to expand, equal to your dreams. There is nothing hard about it. Just plug and play.

I just can't wait to get Mixcraft 5 with all its new features. It's prompting me to get a new PC just to be able to use all the features promised. Great product. Great value and overall a great idea.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Jim Wiebeck

Your product is superior to my $400.00 Sonar 8 Producer pack!!Mixcraft version 5 beta worked great...I could not make it crash!! I run Kontact 4 Player, Kore 2, Dimension and Rapture synths in it....it is awesome!!

Paul Amirault

Mixcraft 5 is FANTASTIC. You guys have really outdone yourselves; the interface is intuitive and sleek, it's hardly ever crashed on me, my VSTs all work better than before... the Automation, Mixer and Musical Typing Keyboard tools in particular have reduced my workload tons and opened up possibilities for effects I've never been able to manage before... Mixcraft 5 has done nothing short of making everything tremendously easier and more fun for me and I've been recommending it to every musician I know. :)

Thanks again for the help, and keep up the great work!

Mike Meredith

I'm a beta tester, and must say that version 5 is really fantastic. Well, I was scared when my first attempt to load mixcarft 5 took about 20 minutes. I restarted my computer and retried then bam! It loaded real quick! Congrats on all the bug fixes.

Also, I bought Mixcraft 4 and Beatcraft a few months ago. I'm saving from my school bonus to buy Pianissimo this August. I'll keep spreading the word about Mixcraft! Thank you and I love your company!

Jax L.

I really love my Mixcraft 4. It is very user friendly and is capable of making studio quality recordings. I write and sing Christian music and would recommend this program to anybody wanting to have a recording studio at their fingertips. Can't wait for version 5!!

Dale Meischner

I love Mixcraft! I've used Cubase and Propeller Head and found that I was spending too much time figuring out the software instead of making music. I would suggest that you add a guitar tuner.

Steven Brown

I patronize mixcraft for a long time though I am Japanese. This is first software made of a foreign country I have bought. There is no other easy-to-use software like it. I will keep using it in the future.

Yopizumi, Tokyo

Seriously.... this product is truly amazing. I downloaded the Mixcraft 4 trial...and I have to say this is the best software I have ever purchaded,it's fast, it's easy, and the quality is great...it really is a good buy...and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get started with recording and making good quality music.

Steven Mamlsteen, New York

I had been looking around for a program that would be similar to Apple's Garage Band to record and mix my music. I had gone from program to program only to find them to be limited use demos which would not have allowed me to fully evaluate all the features they had to offer. Then I found Mixcraft which enticed me because it had a very similar layout to Garage Band. I downloaded it and was very surprised to see that every feature was available for me to use and try out with no limitations for 30 days. I was very impressed with the ease of use and the ability to quickly and easily create works of art. I highly recommend Mixcraft to anyone who likes to create their own music with a midi keyboard or similar interface.

Neil Hawk

I am a guitarist and I have used version 3 and found it amazing. Since upgrading to version 4.5 build 118 and utilizing a midi keyboard into my songs (without any prior knowledge), I could not be happier. Ease of use, software stability and great interface makes writing and recording a pure pleasure without needing to read any instructions.

David Moss

My name is Hans and I'm a musician from the Netherlands. I started to make home recordings one and a half year ago. I think Mixcraft is the easiest audio mixing/editing program I've ever used and for a very good price. I recommend it to all my musical friends anywhere!

Hans Vlissingen

Mixcraft is an excellent product for the price. It is very easy to use, and you can get a lot done with it. Personally, I use it for Recording / Mixing, and then I can output the mix for further mastering.

Other DAW systems are extremely expensive and hard to use. Why waste your money when you can get a program that does the same thing?

Daniel T.

Mixcraft takes care of all my needs. Including commercials, jingles,etc. Even my first independent CD release. Go Mixcraft!

Tony Thomas, CEO Liberation Radio

After some initial frustration I have mastered Mixcraft 4, it is great software for the new composer. In the beginning I knew nothing of digital music mapping but soon I was getting head-bobbing results from tracks that I created--all with the help of Mixcraft 4!

I'm not a DJ, music producer or sound guru. I'm a 35 year old truck owner/operator, and an ex-school band geek with 7 years of woodwind background and a lifetime of enjoying a variety of musical styles. I spend a lot of time in my truck and for the most part have turned it into a mini-mobile recording studio. Most truckers have a guitar or harmonica in the truck, well not me I've got  every instrument you can think of in my laptop thanks to Acoustica Mixcraft 4!


I wanted to take a moment in order to pass-on a recent experience...

A friend and I both produce original works and remixes using our preferred DAWs (He was uses Ableton Live 7.2 and I Acoustica 4.5) . . . and the other day we found ourselves in what turned-out to be a spontaneous contest to see how quickly each of us could record a few bars of music from our external MIDI controllers (I use a Novation SL25 Remote Compact and he uses an EMU X-Board 49). . . now mind you, I have been praising about Mixcraft to him for some time and was always met with the usual comments about the "levels of sophistication" between the two DAW packages and how they could not be compared. . .

So, we each began with clean installs of our software.
After initially starting his software my friend clicked and clicked and clicked some more to open channels, ports & preferences in order to get Ableton to work and after about 5 minutes, he successfully recorded a few bars of notes he keyed from his controller.

Now it was my turn . . . I loaded Mixcraft and INSTANTLY began to play & record music as Mixcraft 4 immediately grabbed my controller's notes and pulled them onto the screen. I was finished in less than a minute . . . to which my friend said while shaking his head, "I can't believe what I just saw.

I didn't even have to "rub it in" as afterwards, we spent hours together just using Mixcraft 4 on a few of his projects. The results were superb, even before remastering and those results were all the "rubbing-in" I needed! LOL!

In closing I just wanted to say thank you again, for such a great, easy to use product! . . . and to all those potential customers out there, who are "on the fence" wondering if Mixcraft can compete with "the big boys" I say YES, yes it can! Not only can it compete, it can surpass software that costs hundreds of dollars more!

All the best to your company and staff,

Jeff Lewis, Austin Texas

Mixcraft does everything I want it to -a great recording program at a quality price. I'm thoroughly pleased with its performance and quality. Way to go Mixcraft!!!


This software is great. It's easy to use and has all the right capabilities for a basic home studio. Nice job.

Rob Cantu

Never in my recording life have I ever found software that produces pristine, quality recordings. Recorded our CD with it, check it out at: myspace/themlprojectmusic and myspace/tribongfelipe. With Mixcraft, recording, editing and mixing is a breez, no manual necessary. Just play around with the software and you'll get it. People ask me as to which professional recording studio we used, my entire studio is practically a Zoom H4 plugged into the mic input of my computer (not even USB), and Mixcraft 3. It's literally plug and play. God Bless and more power to everyone at Acoustica.

Marc Salvador

I cannot believe this software! I've been shopping online for comparable programs; all of which cost hundreds -Ableton, Sony Acid, Cubase, PC Tools, Reason, FL Studio, ect. And here I find the MOST PERFECT SOFTWARE -JUST WHAT I WANTED AND NEEDED and for UNDER $100.00 bucks! This is absolutely phenomenal! I downloaded the trial, plugged in my M-Audio USB keyboard and everything worked PERFECTLY! WOW! I am going to tell everyone I know about your software! Thank you so much for developing it. I'm an ex-Mac and Garage Band user and I've missed it so much! Finding your software was like a miracle!


This seems like a great program, I've only used it for 30 minutes and can see that I've barely touched all the features...5 stars for this program!!!


Just got Mixcraft 4.5 up and running...I didn't think this program was gonna replace my Cakewalk DAW but that Sonar stuff may collect some digital dust for a spell. Mixcraft 4.5 is sweet! Ok, gotta hit it and then get some shut-eye...


Thanks again for all your help and support...product is so awesome. I am trying to convert a Cubase user to your system. He has so much cash tied up in it and he hammers me on my recordings since I have as good or better quality, faster setup and quicker preproduction and final mix then he does. (He used a laptop too! but it has totally swamped his processor..yours is very easy on the CPU. I have done the tests. Props to your code writers..)


Steve Thompson in WA bought your Mixcraft and has been using it to make radio shows for our full power FM station in Montana.

I downloaded a free demo to try and it was pretty easy to learn.

Thought it wouldn't work fast enough on my MacBook Pro under Windows XP running in Virtual Machine (Parallels) but absolutely no delays! Zip worked just like it should and fast.

Rick (KVRZ-FM) Libby, Montana

I wanted to write to say that I absolutely love your program. I have been using Mixcraft since 2003. I will definitely be in line to purchase mixcraft 5 when and if it is made. Thanks for all the hard work.


"I have been making music for over 15 years now. I use midi equipment and used to use an external sequencer until I discovered Mixcraft 4. Mixcraft has so many sounds and loops with such good quality that I don't always use my midi equipment anymore. Mixcraft lets you edit sounds almost limitless. I have made some of the best musuc I've ever made with Mixcraft 4. The program is so easy to use I was a pro within the 1st few hours, although I'm still learning new features. I recommend Mixcraft 4 to anyone from the pros to the beginners. Trust me, the price is very reasonable! It doesn't get any better than this!!


All I can say is wow. MC4 is far more powerful than 2 or 3. I was using a separate midi sequencer to make up for the lack of piano roll in MC2, which was very tedious. Now with the piano roll, I've been adding synth parts without having to sync and outside source. Its awesome! I really like the more loop friendly environment and ease of recording. I haven't found anything that is not an upgrade from Mixcraft 2. I also cannot find anything I don't like about the product yet.


I just wanted to post my congratulations on producing such a great piece of music recording software. I've been looking for an audio solution that combined the ease of use of Audacity / Garage Band, but with the added functionality of Cubase - Mixcraft does all this and more.

Due to it's incredibly intuitive design I have found it much easier & quicker to get my ideas recorded - Mixcraft just allows me to get on with the actual playing without having to mess with a hundred different settings first.

Thanks once again - I would highly recommend your product to anyone.


Hey, Acoustica

Long, long time ago, I had your early product, Internet Audio Mix. I loved it because it was so easy to use. I remembered Acoustica and was so jazzed to find your site again!Wow, have you guys grown

I downloaded a free trial of Mixcraft and have played with it a little. Even though it's a lot more fancy, more features, it still is so easy. Well done, and thank you, thank you! I will be purchasing the product. I feel like I've found a long lost friend

Anyway, thanks for serving wonderful products.


Even if you aren't looking to record on your PC, buy Mixcraft for the instruments that come with it!! The Instruments sound INCREDIBLE! I'd buy it just for the V3 (Hammond B3)!!! It's the most incredible B emulator I've ever played on! Everything is perfect the Hammond and the Leslie sound. Your mod wheel on your keyboard will change the speed of the leslie. My DX7 mod wheel is not spring loaded, so it's perfect, roll up for fast, and down for slow. This is just one feature I love. Then there's the new stereo piano...... I have paid more than $64.95 for a time stretch program. Mixcraft's is better. If anything, buy Mixcraft to download songs and time stretch them down for learning fast solos. I could go on and on...

Lance Armstrong

Mixcraft has got to be among the most money-wise sound mixing programs out there, hands-down.. Using it, I've created everything from rock, to techno, to classical and more. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for that special program that really gives them more bang for their buck!

Adam Austin

It's the best music software I have ever seen. You can create a very nice song within an hour. You can plug midi, microphone to help you create a future hit. If you don't have any instrument talent, you can create a song with the loops. (I use that a lot) It's a very complete software.

Lukas Foisy

This program is very friendly for a guitarist. It does alot but you don't have to be an audio engineer to be able to use the program. I originally downloaded the program with fake key codes but I found the program so useful and the cost so low that I had to pay for this great product. You really get the bang for the buck with Mixcraft, give it a try!

Daniel C (Lakeland Fl)

I've used other more costly DAWs. But I have to recommend Mixcraft because of its very affordable price and ease of use. It has everything you need to start making and recording QUALITY music right away. Just listen to the included demo songs to get an idea of what you can achieve. High quality -- low price! What more could you ask for?

Dennis Gali (Scotland)

I recently got into making music on a computer. I researched for several months for a high-quality DAW, and tested many, many programs, including Fl Studio, Live, and many other popular programs. I finally stumbled across Mixcraft. I downloaded the demo and my jaw dropped. The quality and features of the program was unbelievable! Not only that, I was preparing to spend $500+ on a program when Mixcraft only cost $65! The more I used the demo, the more sure I was that this was the best program. It is so capable yet so simple! No more wasting time scrolling through hordes of almost unusable features! I quickly bought Mixcraft 4. I am now on the way to buying a Mixer and starting a band. Thank you to Acoustica, and keep it up!

Robert B.

Hey guys! Just stoppin' by to say hey and thanks again for killer software. Now my album is on eMusic, and will be in in ten more stores by early August, including iTunes. Having Mixcraft eliminated expensive studio time for me...for that, I am very grateful! Cheers!

I found your product after nearly four weeks of absolute frustration with Sonar 6. I'm sure Sonar is a great product but I'm a musician not a sound engineer. Sonar isn't "user friendly" especially if you're not well-versed in technical talk regarding mixers, tracks, tempos, modulations, etc. Anyway, Mixcraft is very easy to use and understand. Very easy. I downloaded the "free trial" and recorded three tracks less than ninety minutes later. That was two days ago and today I came upon your software at Musicians Friend, so I bought it. This truly is a great product, and extremely easy to use and understand. Having your own sound studio does not have to be complex. All one needs to do is buy Mixcraft.

Larry G.

In my opinion, Mixcraft is the most powerful software for its price. I certainly can't afford expensive recording equipment; this program was worth every penny. I have been able to create studio quality songs with just my laptop, guitar, and microphone. When I talk to my friends, I am practically a sales representative for mixcraft. I brag about the features, the price, the power. But best of all, I can show off my own creations. Thanks to Mixcraft for bringing the ability to record yourself down to the home level.

Duff (GA)

I am a beginner in terms of recording, and Mixcraft is unbelievably simple and user friendly. Every time I use Mixcraft, I learn how to do something new -I will never use anything else. Not only is Mixcraft easy to use, but it has so many useful and advanced features -I will definitely be purchasing each new revision of this amazing program. The value for the money is ridiculous, for about 100 bucks you get a fully capable mixing/recording program, Audio Converter Pro, Beatcraft, and more. Mixcraft is the best deal out of the whole package, I would have paid 100 bucks for that alone. I am more than happy with this product, I only wish I would have known about it sooner.


Based on Mixcraft's ease of use, quality output, great customer service, and enormous savings I decided to buy Mixcraft 3 (recently upgraded to 4). For the impatient musician, such as myself, Mixcraft 4 fills my needs excellently. The response I get from Mixcraft is so great that leaving each recording session is hard to do. Mixcraft 4 is impressive every time I use it, so many new surprises. I am now able to compose, record, and produce competitive CD's, in no time at all. With the capability I get from Mixcraft, my job as music director has become much easier.

More power to Acoustica and it's staff, and thanks for coming up with such an innovative and perfect tool designed for musicians like me.

Rey, Hawaii

What can I say? I am a repeat customer, first having bought the Mixcraft 3/Beatcraft package a few years back. I had been run through the ringer with other studio programs, often finding them too difficult to understand, quickly getting frustrated and intimidated, then finally axing them

Then I found Mixcraft. With the free 7-day trial, I figured what the heck...well, 4 hours into the free 7 day trial, I bought the bundle. Now please understand that I'm from the analog days of radio and music recording, so I'm an old school splicer and dicer. I used to pay $100 an hour for 8 track studio time back in the 80's, and when I discovered the cut, paste, and loop features of Mixcraft, I was grinning from ear to ear. Nothing could be easier and the quality was fantastic! No more re-doing an entire track because I messed up a chord at the end of a song

Now out comes Mixcraft 4. I would have purchased this program regardless, but because Acoustica recognizes the importance customer loyalty, they offered me a discount for being a repeat customer. I figured "Hey, a discount...great...save a few bucks!" Wasn't I pleasantly blown away when the fine folks at Acoustica informed me that my upgrade was FREE because I had previously purchased the Mixcraft 3/Beatcraft bundle

Customer support? The BEST! If there is a bug in the program, rest assured they already have a fix ready for download or they are working on a fix. They always seem to be ahead of the game....oh, and questions and concerns? Those are met by real, friendly, and extremely helpful human beings, not computers. Buy it.....it's simple, VERSATILE, and will make you feel proud of yourself when you listen to your finished products. Thanks again, Acoustica....you have earned a customer for life!!

Gary G. Mobile, Alabama

Dear Mixcraft, you are so amazing. I am really inspired to have this program for my work. I am so impressed by the effects, the loops and everything! Love the prices. Very good. I can't find any other program on the Web that is easier than this. You make this look very simple and easy. You guys are amazing, and I will soon buy this product. Thank you so much Acoustica! Thanks for making such a great product!

Josh, USA

I'm a DJ but I also produce drops/intros for other dj's.

I usually use Sound Forge and Acid to produce but I recently installed Vista and Sound forge was giving me issues.

I searched online for an alternative and I stumbled onto you site.

I tried it out and bought it a week later. Simple to use and offers everything that Sound Forge a $300 program has.

Damon, Pittsburgh

Not a shill, I just want to say I have now various demo programs loaded for evaluation--Reason, Fruity, Tracktion, Reaper, Renoise, Orion, etc-- and Mixcraft is truly impressive among them. Factoring price MC smokes them all, IMO. I can see that the more expensive programs have "more" sounds and knobs, but how much is usable? As yet, I haven't tried any better program for constructing songs. If you play how much time can you spend designing a sound? I intend to use Mixcraft with Riffworks for making guitar loops, and I assume I can tweak VST synths-- with all those knobs like you see in Reason or Fruity--outside of MC--and then bring the tweaked sound into Mixcraft. Don't know about movie soundtracks, and other such complicated adventures, but Mixcraft is an amazing deal.


I've now had my first proper play around with the Mixcraft demo. My laptop's been poorly for a while with a dodgy hard drive. This product really has been designed to be easy to use. The help files explain to you in straightforward terms how to configure your machine, e.g. installing appropriate sound drivers. When I plugged in my MIDI keyboard, it worked first time without any configuration required. There is a wide range of decent virtual instruments. This includes all the ones you'd expect, such as pianos, strings, etc., plus ones like pulsating sounds (popular on analogue-modeling synths) and drum kits. Mixing down to MP3 was easy too. It looks likely I'll buy this.


Thanks so much, I have gotten 3 other people over the last year to take Mixcraft and I just emailed them and told how great you were about this. One of them just bought 4 and that is how I found out about you even having 4 out. I think a lot of your company and I have music on the web created with Beatcraft and Mixcraft at www.rontomlinsonsmusic.com and you are welcome to use any as an example how someone with NO experience in recording or mixing can produce professional sounding songs with Mixcraft after only 6 months of hard work. Mixcraft is the most user friendly mixer on the market today and I have bought 3 of them and paid a lot of money but always go back to Mixcraft. I have tried a lot of other compressors , even Waves comp series and found none that works better than Acoustica's Compressor. If you want to use this as a testimonial be my guest.

Ron Tomlinson

Quite possibly one of the best simple recording programs out there. Perfect for home studios!!! I use it in my home studio and it gives me fast and great results with no harm done to my wallet!

Nick, Rancho Cucamonga

Mixcraft 4 is great! Unfortunately it has dragged me back to using a PC instead of my Mac, I only wish Garageband was this good!


I have been wanting Midi and now I can do it all with the new Mixcraft 4. Thanks Acoustica!!!!!


Being a media producer and a singer/songwriter, Mixcraft 4 has pretty much eliminated my need for other multi-track recording devices. Mixcraft 4 will allow me to reduce my production costs in half. I blow the dust of my old gear whenever someone comes by for a tour of the studio. Find out for yourself by trying their 7 day fully functional trial. By the end of the week you will be producing and recording like a pro.

Jon Lovagi, President Outrider Promotions

Mixcraft is the bomb...your #1 fan..

Michael Glover

Excellent program, i managed to record a song with live sounds, built in loops and midi in no time at all. Everything blends seamlessly. mixcraft takes all the hard work out of recording music so it can be fun again and not a chore!

-Jason Scurr

I don't know what I would do without the help of Mixcraft 4! Thanks Mixcraft!


...I was using Sonar 5, but never had the patience with it to do what I can do with Mixcraft 3....Every conceivable idea, seems to have been thought of. So to sum up...Mixcraft 3 is the best digital audio creation software available...

Dave, United Kingdom

As a middle-aged man with two kids in private school, a mortgage, a long commute and a leaky roof I needed an inexpensive easy to use recording program that would work on an older PC. Mixcraft and Beatcraft are the real deal - easy to use and the results are great...This is the best value in software period. Thanks.

Bob Dodge, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have been using Goldwave for a couple years and I always avoided the big guys since they were so complicated but, Goldwave was just toooo simple. It didn't do much at all so I called my son (the musician) and he got me to download Mixcraft. I have had it for thirty minutes as a demo, I haven't read a manual or done anything but poke around. I have almost 7 days left on the demo and I can't wait to send you money! I keep tripping into new things that I wish were in my previous software. This is amazing! I don't know if you are a small or large company but you have done a heck of a job. I can't wait to read the manual.

Chuck Bonasera, Dublin, CA

I have used Mixcraft and Beatcraft in hundreds of lessons over the past few months. First off, I have had no down time or funky/unexplained crashes since I initially set it up. That reliability is SO important! As a Music Instructor at Streetwise Music in Indian Trail NC, I find the included 'Jam Tracks' alone have added value to my work. I can load a jam track, plug my student into another track and we ROCK! At the end of the lesson, they can load their recorded MP3 onto a CD or a memory stick and judge their progress for themselves. I have had several of my students download the trial and just rave about the product whenever we are in a lesson...in fact, I just looked, and some of my students are on your MySpace page! Thank you for making such an awesome and reliable solution for a busy music instructor and an easy to use, inexpensive program for anyone who would like to experience computer recording. Best Regards,

Jim Hickey, Charlotte/Indian Trail, NC

Hi, I was using Sonar 5, but never had the patience with it to do what I can do with Mixcraft 3. If I could design the perfect software with all the little options you don't usually see in other music creation programs, it would be just like at Acoustica. Every conceivable idea that is so useful seem to have been thought of. Even down to the option of saving the individual sounds of a created project to continue the song on a "non-internet pc" which is very considerate (where as Magix Music Studio doesn't let you back up the project at all, their support didn't want to know about it!!!). So to sum up...Mixcraft 3 is the best digital audio creation software available (for those who want to spend their time recording music straight away-not spending hours figuring how to do it.) Regards,

Dave, United Kingdom

I really love the Mixcraft 3! Wow! Did you know, Acoustica Mixcraft 3 is the best Music Making Software I had ever seen? Wow! Very easy to use, without any help or been taught, you can easily create an outstanding party pops, rock, dance and many much more with Acoustica Mixcraft 3 !

Oge Godwin, Asia

Hi there, I just bought your Acoustica Mixcraft software because after trying the demo version I knew I couldn't go on without it. Believe me, I have tried a lot of recording software and this is the very first time I really think I have all my money's worth and beyond. It's so well done, tons of quality features, true 24 bits multi-track recording and mixing, and to top it all the learning curve is very easy. I, too, believe that learning how to use a software should be easy, I have tried other programs that really made me wonder what the hell the developers were thinking. Especially for musicians like me who want to sit down and record in a snap just when the inspiration strikes and not to have to wonder and mess around for eons just to find the basic functions like some other software do. I know I may sound like a paid advertiser here but no, I'm just a guy who is really happy to use what I honestly think to be the best recording software for a computer based personal home studio. Long live Acoustica Mixcraft! You guys rock.

Stephane Blache, Quebec, Canada

Mixcraft 3 is a very powerful program. It turns your audio into clay, and your mouse into a chisel. I have been using audio software from a number of companies for a few years now, and Mixcraft right from the start is the easiest to use, but not at the expense of functionality! The support for VST and Direct X plug-ins allows you to customize your virtual mixer. A pleasure to look at now too! Nice visual layout! I like seeing my own instruments and gear as the track icons, very cool. I can't even think of anything to improve this program now. The price cannot be beat. Thanks a lot guys!

Johnny Pavacic, Toronto Canada

I have already used Mixcraft for years and it was so easy that I could crank out recording while drinking a cup of coffee. I used to be scared of recording until I tried Mixcraft. After downloading Mixcraft 3 I was amazed! How much easier can it get than this? Everything is clearly labeled, and it's so easy to choose effects that happen to be fantastic sounding! I was also floored by how nice the new interface is. I love the new 'high end' look that Mixcraft sports! Mixcraft, you guys are the best, and some day, if I record a hit, I'm going to publicly thank Acoustica. By the way, for right now, Thank you, Mixcraft!

- Will Hanbury, Jr., Sitka, Alaska

As a middle-aged man with two kids in private school, a mortgage, a long commute and a leaky roof I needed an inexpensive easy to use recording program that would work on an older PC. Mixcraft and Beatcraft/Mixcraft are the real deal - easy to use and the results are great (except for my singing and playing). I had a little trouble re-installing the software when my hard drive crashed but your technical support was quick and accurate. This is the best value in software period. Thanks.

Bob Dodge, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I've been using Mixcraft since the first Version and, compared to ALL the other software I've tried out, MixCraft has given me the best output. It's user friendly and it's support team is truly helpful. MixCraft's third version is like a dream come true! That sleek look, the easy access to everything you need, the snap snap snap and you're done recording, everything about it is fantastic! Not to mention it's $49 price tag! I'm only 16, but with MixCraft, I can do mixes like professionals! Bow down to the MixCraft team. Thanks guys for making music production such a breeze! It's helped me keep busy on boring days, do my mixes or school plays and the likes, entertain my friends and even record songs! :)

Pauline de Lange, Philippines

After trying to the demo version for a couple weeks, I had to buy this software. Much easier to use than the so called higher end mixing/recording software. And the price is about a 1/4th that of the others at the very least. As a person who hates taking hours or days to figure out how to use a product, Mixcraft and Beatcraft is a dream come true. And sound quality in final mixes is second to none! Thanks Acoustica for a great product. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants great quality recordings and at an affordable price!

Dorian Edmisson, USA

mixcraft rocks!!! this is by far the best bang for the buck on the market today, simple to use, and ya can't beat the price. if you were to buy an fx rack to compare w/ everything you get here for free plus the studio equipment, you could easily spend into the tens of thousands of dollars which we all know musicians don't have. i recorded my first mixcraft 3 project in less than 3 hours and 1/2 of that was reading the forum & tutorials- which are better than any support i've found w/ anything i've ever bought. so for less than a nascar race beer budget you can get the best digital recording software, drum sets (i lost count after 6),and music production software & support on the market plus it's so damn easy to use- point, click,& play.. bang - ya just laid down a track that simple - thanx mc- ya made my life easy. r.l.c.

robyn lee castle, near nashville

I am a middle school special education teacher and I have been using music in my lessons for years. Mixcraft has been an effective and economical tool in the recording of music specific to my teaching. Educating today's students is a special challenge, especially in language arts. It has been my goal to find new ways to connect with my students, and to provide them with experiences that generate real learning. The use of music, and video in teaching are effective tools in that regard.

Steven MacIntosh, Aztec, NM

Thank you Mix craft. I have used Mixcraft for awhile now, and recently upgraded to the Musicians bundle. I have used numerous recording programs including Pro Tools. Mix craft is by far the most user friendly and produces the best results short of a professional recording studio.

- Pat Naboz

I've been using Mixcraft since version 1, and I thought V2.5 was as good as it could get. I've just upgraded to V3. Brilliant. It's so smooth - I always had the odd bit of lag, even with a fairly grunty Athlon 64. This new version just behaves perfectly. And the eye candy is a pleasure - makes my recent investment in a 24" wide screen totally justified. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...)This is my favourite piece of software. Period. You've done a fine job. And it's a true bargain. Regard, Ross from the far south...

Ross Manson, Perth, Australia

I am a song writer who is passionate about his craft. What I am not is a computer analyst who gets his ya-ya’s out by wandering through a quagmire of complex software commands. Having squandered an enormous amount of time attempting to unravel the mysteries involved with operating the so called “high-end, sophisticated” recording software, and having tossed away an equal amount of finances in purchasing them, my creative muse was darn near extinguished. I’m trying to record my music, not launch a spacecraft! I had just about given up when I discovered Acoustica. Finally there is a software company that writes for the needs of the user, musicians, instead of trying to impress other computer programmers with their operational sophistication. When I first opened the inter-face screen for Cakewalk Sonar, my first thought was “Oh @#&%, I’ve bought a Rubik's cube”. Then my brain went numb. With Acoustica, I got immediate usability. It’s so intuitive that I only looked at the tutorials to verify what I already deduced. Finally I have software that promotes my creative side instead of suppressing it with a Mount Everest learning curve. Mixcraft has all the tools I need and more. It's just incredible. I've been telling everyone about your programs. Thanks Acoustica, keep up the good work because “if you build it, I will come”.

C. Zadak, Atlanta, GA

I am a professional pianist/keyboardist of over 29 years. Mixcraft is awesome. I wanted software that was of great quality, and very easy to use. I have tried Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition 5, and 6, but their software got in the way of the creative process by being to complicated. Mixcraft has all the others beat for being able to lay down tracks quickly and easily with just the right editing tools to make a professional recording. Keep it up Mixcraft, ROCK ON!

Tony Stanley, Adel, Georgia

I am so glad I decided to buy MIXCRAFT after my trial was nearing it's end. I have created 16 original songs already in a 2 week period. I like jazz/funk/blues. I have been able to make professional sounding demo's that, after listening to them they have taken a life of all their own! I am now able to create things I would have never been able to before because of my time schedule. But I spend a few hours each night recording and practicing putting the tracks together and have come out with some really good music. I am very pleased and recommend Mixcraft to anybody who is looking for an easy to use, well designed program for creating music. Like others, I have tried a few other programs, but Mixcraft is so intuitive, I did not even have to read instructions!!! But I will to get the most out of the program. I just picked up an effects pedal for my guitars and I probably won't be using it much because the effects in Mixcraft blow it away. I can't believe the perfect sound and clarity of my recordings. It's scary!!!!!!

Bob Ruzzo, Connecticut

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW...BIG IMPROVEMENT!! I've been a DJ for 4 years and keep on using different mixing software's and recently I've been using acid pro 6 which was good and beat matching was alright, BUT when i just took a random visit to your site and saw Mixcraft 3 I was like woooow I GOTTA HAVE THIS, so i bought the product and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD usually I'm naw a big fan of Mixcraft 1 AND 2 but Mixcraft 3 had eye-catching colors and a lot of features that a lot of mixing software didn't have... GOOOOD JOB IM REALLY HAPPY AND WITH MIXCRAFT 3 I MADE 10 MIXES SO FAR AND GOT THE TOP TEN SPOT THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL MIXING SOFTWARE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Niro Scarb, Ontario

I have to write this...I am the best example of someone with the passion to record musical ideas, but no patience for the "rocket science" Pro tools or cake walk...I was so slow learning, that the old school Acoustica mp3 mixer seemed like greek to me...then little by little i started recording things..yet I couldn't get the effect I heard other people doing...then someone turned me on to an "N-Track..and I thought it seemed like the answer..but it wasn't at all.. It just looked "user friendly"...I was just about to give up, when I began to do research on Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer, wondering why it I didn't have any reverb or chorus or what to do about it...and in my search I found the updated version..."Mixcraft"..I downloaded Mixcraft in seconds and in no time, I mean, no time!..I had a crossover blues- bomba hit on my hands...I had an over dose of reverb, which I waited to have for more than 20 years...Mixcraft is so user friendly, it made me wonder why they make it so difficult with the other brands...perhaps the reason is that the people behind those products are not creatively inclined...it takes creativity to make something so powerful run so smooth and simple...That said, I have finally arrived...to the paradise I had searched for so long...

Victor Morgado, Bergenfield, NJ

This is such a terrific program! I am a 59 year old grandmother and since I can figure out how this Mixcraft works, then it would be a walk in the park for the younger generation. I have had so much fun using it these past two days. Thank you so much.

The Rocking Granny

Sir. I have been using Mixcraft for approx 2 years now and I have to say I have recorded 100's of songs using Mixcraft and every recording has been, crisp, clear and perfect. I have had a song recorded in a real recording studio and no one can tell the difference between Mixcraft and the real studio song. The quality of Mixcraft is so good. I have other computer recording studios, but none of them compare to Mixcraft so I took them off my computer. Thank you for the help you have given me over the last two years, when I lost Mixcraft due to a computer virus and you gave me the code twice to install it again. I have used some of your other products ,and found them simple to use and just perfect for what I needed. Yours Sincerely.

Brendan Mc Crossan, Derry Ireland

I really never do believe the 'testimonials' nor understand why people bother sending them in, however after running your software Mixcraft and now adding to it the CD/DVD Label Maker, I must say that the software is indeed Class A and I will eat my words. With the help of Mixcraft, we have finally managed to get demos cut onto CD and now we have our first confirmed gig booking with deposit!!!!! Really superb quality at an affordable price and it has opened up a world of opportunities for us. Thanks Heaps,

John Boyd

Mixcraft allowed me to record one of my songs in only three days, and it won honorable mention in an international songwriting contest (Song of the year). Here's the link to the honorable mention: http://www.songoftheyear.com/webawards/j/johnmaltepes.htm . Thanks Mixcraft!

John Maltepes, Philadelphia

My name is Mike Wilkerson, one of the host of 2GuysTalking.Com, an online podcasting network, and I wanted to thank the creators of Mixcraft for something my partner Brian and I could simply not do without. We currently create 2 podcasts a week, 2GuysTalking: 24, a humorous podcast effort reviewing the hit Fox show, "24", which has received the accolades of not only the actors, but the behind-the-scenes production staff and continues to be a great base for all things "24". Our second podcast is "The LunchTimeGab" which offers a taste of witty personal information stories, our viewpoints on headline news and politics, and the opportunity for fans to chime in on their viewpoints. Mixcraft has offered us a variety of tools that make the compiling of our shows, and even the elements that make up the show straightforward, quick, and more with what is the most easy to use interface in recording software. Again, our thanks to the makers of Mixcraft for their continued efforts in helping us to make a series of great show available for everyone.

Mike Wilkerson & Brian Sirimaturos, 2GuysTalking Productions, A Podcast Network Talk Show Hosts, http://www.2guystalking.com, http://www.lunchtimegab.com

I wrote this in the additional comments field when I made the purchase, but it sure is worth repeating in public: I'm in love with a software for the first time. Had Mixcraft been a girl, I would a) ask her to change her name and b) ask her to marry me. This is really, really good!

Heine Aasen, Sarpsborg, Norway

I recently traded a car that had DSP (digital signal processing) radio to where you could select acoustic effects like hall, stadium etc (reverb or echo effects). I was very disappointed that my new car did not have the DSP!!! I am a baby boomer that grew up with the muscle cars and a big part of our music pleasure (before FM stations) was to have a reverb in your car to give depth and life to your music. To me their is nothing like adding reverb effects to the Motown and Doo Wop music. I searched hard on the Internet to find a program to do exactly what MixCraft does!!! I did not find any other software to compare to Mixcraft. My only other option was to spend about $1,000.00+ for an after Market DSP car stereo. $39.95 is a steal!!! The reverb effects in the Mixcraft program makes my music sound awesome!! The process of saving my music with special effects to MP3 is fast and easy, and just like the site states, I figured the program out without having to read the instructions, the program is that easy. I am totally satisfied. Thanks!!!!

Ron, Florida

Great software! Mixcraft is light, fast and powerful. Best of all, it gets the job done. I bought Mixcraft to mix music on hold after another application couldn't deliver. This product is a breath of fresh air. Thanks guys!

Jason Burgess, FirmPOS Software, Ohio, USA

I am the founder of MindSkills http://www.mindskillsonline.com. Among other brain-based learning products and services we produce brain wave entrainment and hypnosis CDs and MP3s - all of which either greatly accelerate learning or target a specific condition. Mixcraft has been quite literally a Godsend as it has enabled us to create the tracks with accuracy and ease.

The low cost and high functionality makes this my favorite piece of software - without it my business wouldn't be half of what it is. Thanks Acoustica!

C. O'Brien, MindSkills.com, USA

I have completed recording and publishing my first CD GTR4GOd. The ease of use of both Mixcraft and Beatcraft helped minimize time needed to work on my project. The sound quality of the drum kits allowed me to build professional sounding drum sequences and I was very happy with the end result. Mixcraft was a snap to use, was easy to apply effects and very simple to edit any track. Cutting and pasting tracks where a breeze and I was very thankful that Mixcraft was so user friendly. I'm very sure I didn't use all of its power. Kudos to all of those folks at Acoustica for helping me realize my dream!! Thanks!!!

John Isom, Huntsville, AL, www.johnisom.com

Mate, Mixcraft rules, mixing PANTERA/IN FLAMES with F1 Cars the Cure with Niel Finn ...awesome stuff lads! I'm able to make my own tracks easily and it would've cost loads more in a studio ,so thank you for an unreal program ILL never sleep again though...keep me cranking MIXCRAFT!!!!!!

PINEDOG )14'7'06, Adelaide, South Australia

While I'm still trying the free trial version, I must say, Acoustica has done a fine job with Mixcraft. I have never used any audio mixing software before, but after a small learning curve, I found Mixcraft to be a powerful mixing/editing application. It was my goal to mix backing vocals from a monophonic recording, that were missing in a stereo recording. The High and Lowpass cutoff filters came in handy, to keep the monophonic recording from masking the stereo tracks. I was also amazed that editing can be performed on-the-fly. It worked well on a Win ME PC at 866 MHz. Nice work, Acoustica! Recommended.

John Agnew, NJ

Hi to all at Mixcraft!!. I just want to say a big thank you to all the team for putting together this software. It is fantastic with a capital F!!. I have purchased other programs, which are so frustrating to get a grip with and require so much time just to use, it takes the fun out it all. But your Mixcraft program is the complete opposite!!. I'm amazed at how user friendly & easy to get around it is. Its extremely powerful, packed with everything that's needed to both create, edit, mix and burn down. And it's such value for money!!!, it's worth much more. I've just finishing my first solo album & I'm so pleased. I recommend Mixcraft to everyone! This is a must!. Thanks again you guys. Keep up the good work.

Stewy, Milton Keynes

Mixcraft is the simply the best Multi-Track Recording, Editing, Processing and Mastering software for it's craft! Its ease of use compared to the "Industry Standardware" that they call "Tools for today musicians" blows me away every time I use it to compose, perform, record or just jam, with all the available samples, loops, instruments and plug-ins at your fingers it makes it easy for even the beginner budding musician to blossom a little bit faster than the rest!...kt.

Kevin Toler, San Diego, CA

I love this product and this company (I use other Acoustica products as well). I wish all software companies would solicit feedback from users on what to develop and keep making changes that people really need. I have used Mixcraft for years and it keeps getting better. I love the new tempo change algorithm and cannot wait for the day that beat matching makes its debut. As Mixcraft has added features, I have been able to stop using other products one by one and am happy to tell you I am down to only one other program just for the beat matching capabilities. I strongly recommend this easy to use software to anyone who mixes songs. Keep up the good work!

Mark Whiting, USA

I'm a one man operation, and once I found how much it costs to record at studios, I searched the web for something inexpensive. Mixcraft was perfect! I now have my 3rd album recorded at the privacy of my own home, on my own computer! It was cheap, easy, and effective! Thanks so much all of you guys at Acoustica! All the fx and sound options, so much more than I thought I'd get with so little money. have YOU gotten Mixcraft yet?!? YOU SHOULD!!

Anonymous, Collegeville, PA

I just want to thank you for your fantastic, easy-to-use, and affordable product. I have been using Mixcraft and Beatcraft for about a year now and have recorded tons of music with them. I am just starting work on my first album using Mixcraft. Please check out the first couple tracks on MySpace Music: http://www.myspace.com/klfband . Thanks again for the great product. I can't wait for version 3!

Steve Serdikoff, USA

I have tried and even purchased several programs to provide audio functions for the Web, Recording, and Conversion. I must say that there seems to be a misconception among the authors that those who are looking for software are all recording studio engineers and need complete hardware emulations. It is interesting that someone has the intuition to see and put together (in a most user friendly way) the most important and frequently used functions and called it MIXCRAFT. Thanks to you, I may never need to purchase this kind of software again...

Bill Waters, Colorado

Hello, I don't often contact program makers, but I will make a new rule to do so as you seem like a small company. Just letting you guys know that Mixcraft is one kick ass program. I have used other (More expensive) programs before, but never quite liked there huge interface. I like yours as it is sleek and easy to manage. Just saying thanks for a great product.


Wow!!! I'm impressed, after trying over 14 programs I came across yours. With in a few minutes I was rolling. You have a great product! I am very pleased how easy it is to use and the FX section is awesome! Finally someone has done something right!!!! Thank you so much for your product!!

Barry, Denver

Hi, I just wanted to say how awesome this software is. I have numerous pro audio software kits at ten times the cost, but this is just fantastic and unbelievably good at the price. I use it for recording live multi tracked sounds for original music production. The reason I love it is for its simplicity and effective performance. Thanks for producing such a wonderful piece of kit, thoroughly recommended.


I got Steinberg's CUBASE with my yamaha mixer, what a disaster!!! We downloaded the trial version of ACOUSTICA'S MIXCRAFT and the next week we purchased and downloaded the full version, now my band can record demos and we all have quit taking headache medicine!!! Thanks,

Jickie Becker "ERSTWHILE", CO Springs, CO

I just want to thank you guys for making the mixing of my CD an absolute joy. Having tried all the freeware and bought the expensive stuff (from Audacity and Kristal to Sonar 5), I can honestly say that the ease with which Mixcraft is used, and the fantastic effects in it are by FAR the best value for money I have ever come across! I have recorded my CD on a digital workstation (Zoom MRS 1266) and transferred the tracks to my pc and then edited and mixed them using your ace product! I didn't think I could find a solution that suited my needs like yours, so once again, a heartfelt thanks and well done. Regards from across the pond, Martin!

Martin Davies, Manchester, England

I just purchased the Mixcraft software a couple of days ago and already it's the most intuitive, user friendly, and feature filled multitrack recording software I've ever used. It's Waaaay better than the most "bundled" (lite version) software out there on the market as well as being much easier to use than a couple of fairly expensive name brand ones also. The Mixcraft software is clearly the value for the money leader as well at $40 a pop. If you haven't tried this you owe it to yourself to check it out. Mixcraft rocks!!! thanks , dan.

dan granroth, calumet, michigan

Mixcraft is the only software I have discovered that has all the functionality I require and is simple enough to use so that I can concentrate my efforts on playing guitar not fighting my way through an overcomplicated user interface. Congratulations Acoustica - I hope you sell millions of licenses!

James Richardsm, Burlington , ON, Canada

I have been teaching myself home recording for some time now. I tried very high end software mixers and was looking for some "big-name" brands on eBay in hopes of getting into recording for less than $500. Well, I found Mixcraft by accident through Google, and boy and I am glad I did. With other programs, I had to go through a steep learning curve to just lay down a basic track. With Mixcraft, it was very easy and intuitive, and IT SOUNDED GREAT! I bought my license online and I'm now a Mixcraft Convert! What a great product that's straightforward and intelligently designed! Thanks, Acoustica, for providing me with a product so excellent for less than $50!

Will Hanbury, Jr.

Dear Staff. Been meaning to write for soon time now, but I wanted to make sure I had a good feel for your program first. I'm Blown away....I'm having a blast, and this from a old knob turner when analog 16 track was state of the art. The mix options for fine tuning the tracks are great. The F/X effects give a real professional feel to the sound. About the only con I have of your program....is getting my head around the fact, I can use as many tracks as I need. On the musical side of things Mixcraft has done more for my guitar playing then any thing else in the past ten years. I may just yet leave the basement! Enjoy the newsletters you send to. Word of mouth wise....I brag about Mixcraft. Nice job. PS on the support side of things, I've always found your staff to be most helpful and courteous. Once again well done.

Bruce Nelson, Winnipeg

Mixcraft is the best live recording and mixing software to have ever come out. With the expansion of vst and dx plug-ins, there's nothing I can't do with it. I actually use Guitar Rig from Native to record guitars, bass, and vocals, but then plug those wav files into Mixcraft and do my tweaking and mixing in there. 2.5 is a vast improvement in capabilities from the original, and I'm sure there will be a version 3 soon.

John Pavacic, Toronto, Canada

I run a Internet Radio Station/Podcast and needed good mixing software. I looked all over trying to find one, (I found a few, but they stunk) and I found Mixcraft! It is a very Powerful tool that is great for music composers, singers, and more! I have listed the pros and cons below.


  • Great Software
  • Very Powerful and Fast
  • Wide range of features.


  • NONE!!!!
Anonymous, USA

I used MP3 Audio Mixer for years and liked it. I also looked at Mixcraft 1.0 back then, but gave it pass. However, 2.5 is a whole new ballgame. Zowie! Holly Godzilla Batman! You guys hit it out of the park with this one and production my Internet radio shows is soooooo.... much easier now! After you work with Mixcraft, everything else is pretty much 2nd rate witchcraft. Thanks for honing this into such a fantastic tool.

Marshall Masters, Cut to the Chase Radio (http://yowusa.com/radio)

Just for the record, as I alluded to in my first email to you, I love your programme Mixcraft, absolutely. Very powerful software. So, don't get me wrong, I am in no way complaining about the ability of the software to do the job. And you know what they say....'You can tell a good company from a bad one by the way they deal with problems'. So if your quick response and willingness to help me sort through this minor glitch is any indication, you run a very good company. A tight ship. Feel free to use these words in your site as a testimonial if you wish. I mean what I say. Once again, your response and interest in my plight is much appreciated. I will be referring people who would be interested in mixing software to your site to buy from you. Regards,

Bob Bell, Sydney, Australia

This is the most amazing musical product I have ever used! Don't bother with studio fees or expensive software...Mixcraft trumps them all!!! I am always recommending it to all my musical friends!

Greg Lacey, Michigan

First off, I'd like to just commend you guys for a job well done with Mixcraft. I was once a Cakewalk user. I bought it 2 months ago, and I couldn't even record a song because of the cumbersome and intimidating interface. You definitely need a class to operate that program. I just wanted something where I could drop a bass track, guitar track program drums and and vocals. I don't need midis and synths and all that stuff. So out of frustration, I performed an internet search and came across your site. The macro tutorial and reading the testimonials convinced me to purchase it. I was not disappointed with this product at all. It's so straight forward and easy I felt like a professional studio engineer. I dropped 4 tracks in no time and had a mix ready to burn to disc. Cakewalk and other recording software could learn a few things from you guys. This software is awesome, and the price i paid for the Music Bundle at $70 bucks was well worth it. It came with a whole bunch of free loops and effects that sounds really cool. Beatcraft is awesome too! Very easy to program and it sounds great! My only regret is that I wish I would've found your software first instead of dropping 100 bucks on Cakewalk. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy using this software.

Charles Atcherson, Ft. Washington MD

I finished using Mixcraft to record 15 songs of myself playing 14 Chet Atkins style finger picking tunes, and Classical Gas by Mason Williams. Using these recordings, I burned my own CD. When friends and family heard it, they were amazed at the quality of the recordings (not to mention how good the guitar pickin' was, too!). I let a guitar playing buddy hear the CD and he thought I'd bought some fancy digital recorder. He flipped out when I told him I did at home on my PC with a $40 program. After I told him how easy it is to use, and that it's multitrack, he was sold! Now he wants to buy his first PC and get MixCraft, too. There's nothing like a happy user of a product-they're the best salesmen around. Thanks, Acoustica for a great product that's easy to use. By the way, one of my sons owns a CakeWalk recording product. But when he wants to record his electric keyboard, guess what he uses? Mixcraft! Why, because it works great, and it's easy to use. Thanks again, Acoustica! Keep up the great job!!!


Mixcraft is the best program I've ever gotten for what I like doing, which is acappella singing. I've been able to do some amazing harmonies by myself, but sometimes I need to tweak what I've done. The only way to do that has been to sing the same part repeatedly. I was wondering if you guys were working on more vocal correction tools or tools that have the vocal musician in mind. With additional voice tools this would really be the ultimate music making software. Keep up the excellent work. God Bless!

Brad, Virgina

Like many in the computer and technology industry, we have "evolved" to become podcaster studio software provider, designers, trainers, web producers, workshop presenters, and finally broadcasters ourselves. Until the advent of Acoustica Mixcraft 2, we were "predestined" that if we wanted a decent multi-track capable audio editor, we simply had to settle and purchase the likes of Adobe Audition 1.5(tm) or SoundForge(tm), or go with three or four products that could allow us to do the work that we and our clients need. Suddenly, our luck changed -- we were asked by Acoustica if we would like to Beta test Mixcraft 2, and while we never thought that Mixcraft would hold a candle to the above much higher cost products, we were eager to see why Acoustica was so excited. What has happened since is nothing short of revolutionary -- a revolution of ease-of-use, power and helping us perfect a sound business -- no pun intended. Mixcraft starts out by fooling you...gone are the hallmarks of the more expensive products -- the mumbo-jumbo confusing interface, spending two-thirds of our time with the products to learn how to use the features and one-third or less being productive, and even having to utilize TWO products to do the work that Mixcraft alone does, and does it better. So you are fooled into thinking that Mixcraft can't possibly do the work we needed in the past, but it can! Every feature we need, and then some, are part of Mixcraft, and those few that aren't are easily added via free or low-cost plug-ins. Equalizer? in there. Multi-track? Yep, in there too. Easy and intuitive to select, mix, move, combine, adjust, fade in and out, recast, and special effects any audio, voice, music, interviews, commercials, web-site audio, video voice-overs? Absolutely in Mixcraft. Ability to input or import an and export to the file formats people in real life actually use? That's there too. Mow the grass and bring in the paper? ... er, no, not yet at least. In short, Mixcraft shows that you don't have to be a rocket-scientist to produce great results, nor do you have to own a bank to fund the purchases of a myriad of complex and confusing products. In fact, we confidently recommend the use of Acoustica Mixcraft to our WebPod Studio(tm) podcasting software customers and clients, knowing that others will find it to be what we have: indispensable in your work, be it every day or every project.

Joseph Rotello, Founder WindowGroup, Tucson, AZ

I love using Mixcraft! I use it to make all types of CD compilations from set disks to albums to personal mixes. I think you should add support for recording from an ASIO driver, so you could record guitars, vocals, or keyboards directly into Mixcraft. That would make me 100% satisfied with this excellent program. I have used your products for years; I remember one time I reported an MP3 Audio Mixer bug to you guys and you immediately fixed it and gave me a complimentary registration code for your CD burning program in return! I have since lost both the code and the program because I had to reformat my system, but my point is: you guys have great customer support. Thanks!

Bill White, Macedonia, Ohio

You offer a Great product at a Great price! My band had a CD made from a live recording and the final mix didn't come out sounding very good (all midrange, the low and high end was lost). The guy that did the final mix wanted $45 an hour to re-master the final. I downloaded the demo version of Mixcraft and had one song fixed in minutes using the EQ. It only took those few minutes to realize registering the software would be a great personal investment and a great investment for the band. Thanks for getting the groove back into the "Ragged Edge" CD! - Duane (da bass player)

Duane Gallaher, Rainier WA

Hey, this is the lead singer Cameron from the Michigan band Five Second Rule. We just want to say that Acoustica deserves a HUGE thanks from us and the many users who aren't able to directly tell them. My band and I use Mixcraft to cheaply, but more importantly, professionally mix our music. We originally didn't buy Mixcraft for the effects but we always use them because they're amazing. We got way more than we bargained for when we bought it. The product should easily be retailed at $200-$300. Thank you, so much for making this easy-to-use, affordable, all around amazing product.

Cameron Drew, New Baltimore, MI

I had been making beats for a while when I started looking for something to take my beats to the next level. Mixcraft did exactly that. Mixcraft made it easy for me to start sampling from old songs and creating more professional hip hop beats. Mixcraft is perfect for the producer who is looking to take his/her beats to the next level! God bless!

tcech, California

Mixcraft is a great piece of software; the best you'll ever get for the price, and probably better than a lot of more expensive "professional" programs. I'm basically a one girl band; singing, guitars, piano...so I needed software that could overlay several recordings. I stumbled upon Mixcraft and I love it, all I need now is Beatcraft to put the finishing touches to my recordings. Mixcraft is powerful but simple to use, gives you good effects options and once again...it's cheap! Big thanks to everyone at Acoustica: if I'm ever famous for my music it's down to you.

Raven, NW England

No other software can beat Mixcraft.

Arvind Sharman, INDIA

This is a super program. Very easy to use.. I bought MIXCRAFT 2.0 a couple of weeks ago.. bought a Beringer UB802 mixer and mic.. and started producing liners for small market radio DJs,..etc. Got about $200 in my set up.. I have made that and more back already. Thanks.. mostly to the MIXCRAFT program!

Chuck Peters (http://www.sglive365.com/sgvoice.html)

I really love the software. There is not a whole lot of commentary that needs to be added. The software really speaks for itself. I am a female reggae artist and I do roots reggae music. I've received much partiality from men in the industry when I would have to find studios to go and voice, and pay for studio time. The men would rather take me out to dinner than take me serious as an artiste. Or I'd have to deal with all of the friends looking on while I'm recording because the studio actually doubles as a hang out. This software has liberated me in a whole new way. No more paying for studio time because this program has allowed me to compile my own album, in the comfort of my own peaceful home. Thank you, and I plan to tell as many people as I can in the business. Just keep putting out good programs, and I'll keep putting out the hits!! Rastafari Bless and One Love!!

Lioness, USA, Lioness Music Web Site

Best and easiest recording software there is. I had purchased other recording software in the past, and it was way to complicated. Never got to use it, because I couldn't figure it out. I was able to master Mixcraft from the moment I installed it. Now I am only limited by my imagination. Thanks for writing software that makes a Novice look like a Pro! As a matter of fact I just upgraded to the new 2.0. I will be passing on the word about Mixcraft, count on it! For several years I wanted to record my own songs, but the software I bought was to complicated to use. I have a small band, I was able to record the band with the basic version of Mixcraft, which I downloaded from Bearshare. You folks deserve a pat on the back for sure. I am sure you have heard it all before, but from a novice such as myself, it is a God send. I just wanted to take the time to send a thank you. I wish I had found Mixcraft first, it would have saved me a lot of money on recording software I can't use. I liked it well enough I came back for more. I have been passing the word to other musicians as well. Once again, thank you for a job well done, and done well!

Edwin Klaver, Taylorsville NC

Gents, just wanted to let you know that in September of this year I fulfilled a life long dream and released my debut album. I did it with Acoustica Mixcraft and Beatcraft. I've said before I used to pay 80 bucks an hour in a studio and never got to finish anything because I never had enough money. With Mixcraft and Beatcraft I was able to make it happen. I am so happy with both products that I put both on my liner notes on the CD and on my website! If you'd like, you have my permission to use my record as an example of what you can do at home, with a couple of mics a guitar, one really cheap keyboard and Mixcraft and Beatcraft. Let me know if you would like a complimentary copy of the record.

Frank Worley, Vicksburg, MS (www.frankworley.com)

I would like to start by thanking Your staff member Greg for your great e-mail support. He got me started in the right direction. I have now found that Mixcraft software does exactly what I wanted it for, and is easy to use. I own and operate a large DJ service in Hanover Pa. We do a lot of young folks parties, school dances, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. = Even some of the edited versions of songs still have enough of the foul word left to be recognized, and some of the phrases without foul language are still not acceptable for children. With Mixcraft, I can perfectly edit these songs. With just an hours practice I have been able to make these edits sound seamless, and the songs sound as good, or better than any professional studio mix. Thanks for a great product, and all of your support.

DJ Gary B. (GWB Audio)

I can't believe this! I have been looking for a product like this for years. Back in the 70's and 80's I would make mixed cassettes (remember those) for my friends and family. I would mix the songs using two turntables and a mixer. Very time consuming, but pretty fun too. Everyone loved them. I have attempted with various software to do the same with CD Wave files, but have found the process either too complex, or too time consuming. Now enters Mixcraft. It does exactly what I need it to do. Fades between songs are so very easy, and I especially like the track marker feature so that the final CD does not consist of one giant track. The software is not intimidating at all like some competitors products, and super affordable. Great job Acoustica!

Gregg Hernandez, Victorville, CA

If you are looking for great... easy to use recording software; look no further. Mixcraft is affordable, easy to use, and for me, it's the hobby that I've been looking for. I use to be in a band, and we've been in and out of studios spending thousands of dollars, now this software gives me a chance to make my own recordings and save a lot of money.

James Recker, Mankato Minnesota

Hello!! I love this program! It is really good, I play guitar and I plug my guitar in the computer, make drums with Beatcraft and make a song, I congratulate you...I love your program...

Gabriel, Venezuela

I would like you to know that the Mixcraft is the best piece of software of this kind I've ever found. Currently, I'm using it to re-master and remix music I recorded with my band a few years ago, as well as using it to build a weekly podcast (It's A Hard Blog Cast). It's great and it was worth every penny. I would pay this amount every YEAR to use it. Thank you so much for everything and if you need anything else from me, don't hesitate to e-mail.

atthew Coker, Founder, It's A Hard Blog Life (www.HardBlogLife.com)

I've been looking everywhere for an affordable, down-to-earth mixing package. I sampled some of the big name software, but found it expensive and very daunting to operate. I was elated when I discovered Acoustica.com's brand of products. After testing Mixcraft and Beatcraft, I fell in love. The ease of use in unparalleled, and the price is phenomenal compared to other products which don't even come close to the quality of Acoustica's line. I highly recommend this incredible value to any musician who is looking for the perfect combination of value and power. Thank you, Acoustica!

Brian Freeman, Shrewsberry, MA

I have only used the Mixcraft application in the package so far, but I want to thank you for making software this good available at a price that anyone can afford. I have looked all over the web for the past year and ordered other software that was complete useless junk. There's not another company on the web that even comes close to the quality you offer at any price. What I want everyone to know is that Acoustica is the only place they have to turn to for any application you offer that they're looking for. All of the glowing testimonials on your site are proof enough. No other company I looked at had anything like it because they don't have satisfied customers. Your in depth tutorials available along with all the other resources you provide is way beyond other companies, making your prices even more of a value to the customer. Your software is the easiest to use of any that I've ever used. So powerful, yet astounding in simplicity. How you managed that is somewhat of a miracle, especially at the price. I had the Mixcraft loaded and produced my first commercial for my web site within 10 minutes. That's a short learning curve for a 60 year old on a brand new program that's so powerful. Thank you so much for making my job easy to produce new additional content for the websites that I maintain. I'll be using it for my own company, The Funnel Cake Company, as well as other websites I maintain for real estate companies, auto dealers, and a racecar company. I'll give you a follow up when I have the content added to the sites. Warmest Regards,

Tommy Goolsby, TN USA

I've been using this program for the past few days and having a ball! It's simple to use, it's versatile, and it sounds great! AND it's only 40 bucks!....Ya can't beat that with a stick!

Lee, New Jersey

I'm a retired professional recording engineer and I'm familiar with recording tool such as "ProTools", "Sony No-Noise" noise reduction system, etc... I'm really amazed to see how easy and how powerful MIXCRAFT v2 is. At $40 dollar, this software is a real bargain and can do many things those professional software can do... a MUST for any audio enthusiast!

Michel Borduas, Quebec, Canada

Hi, Just wanted to pass along some impressions... I've been working with Mixcraft this morning and have to say that I'm continue to be blown away by the features for the price. Exposing Low Cutoff, Low Res, High Cut, High Res effects as envelopes rather than FX makes them more accessible - very cool feature that shows your paying attention to trends in modern production. I think Mixcraft's extremely clean and simple interface is a real differentiator compared to other products in this class (and even products in higher price brackets) and think that it has a good balance of power and simplicity and is certainly one of the most approachable audio tools in the market. Your Drag and Drop Cross fade feature is fantastic (I have this in Sonar, but it costs a heck of a lot more money!) I like the fact that you support external editors for "heavy lifting" is nice. I think if you added the ability to right click on a wave and normalize it (not just boot the volume envelope), and the ability to synch acidized loops to tempo that most users would never have a reason to leave your program. Great stuff!

Mark Mosher, Newecho Productions, LLC

Bravo Acoustica! I put Mixcraft to the test to see if I could use it in my new course Audio Products Made Easy. Without a doubt the program is one of the best I've ever seen when it comes to creating audio products. It matched everything I'm looking for as far as price, features, and ease of use. My members would have to be nuts not to buy this software.

John Kiel, Baltimore

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Even though I'm such an amateur, I've dabbled in some "great" mixing software in the past, including CakeWalk (which is everything but what their name implies) and within minutes of using your software, was amazed at how easily it could be navigated and negotiated. In no time I was doing what I was meant to be doing, making music. I could never say that about Cakewalk. Although I can now find my way around, it has taken me months to do so, and I feel it could take me even more time to become adept. That's why I've retired my CakeWalk and have taken up Mixcraft. No more wasted time figuring out what I need or want and tons of functional features to aid in the creation of my craft. ThanX,

Xavier, Florida

For the (upcoming) Mixcraft 3.0, in addition to the ASIO support (which will be awesome!), you should add a keyboard shortcut for creating a new marker! That would be excellent! Thanks for the great software!

Bill, Macedonia, Ohio

This is a super program. Very easy to use, I'm really amazed to see how EASY, SMALL SIZE and how powerful MIXCRAFT is, At $40 dollar I love this program! It is really good, I am neither musician nor recordist, ( I design audio mixers and Power amps). I just downloaded MIXCRAFT to see this amazing program improving day by day. GOD bless your team.

Arvind, INDIA

This software is waaaaay fun !! It's not annoyingly complicated like most others tend to be. Forget spending $200 on an analog Tascam 4-track !! This is extremely useful and that makes it sooooo much more fun than the other big names out there.


I just love this program. I play harp (the stringed kind, not harmonica!) and have always had a really difficult time getting a good recorded sound (harps are notoriously difficult to record, for some reason). With Mixcraft and a Sony Flat Mic I get wonderful results. I worked out good compression, reverb and EQ settings for both my harp and my husband's piano and the recordings sound great! Thanks for your amazing product!

Deb Ethier, Harpy Music

When my cheerleading squad started to put a routine together for homecoming I volunteered to make the music. That's when I realized I didn't have anything to mix the music. I searched all over the internet and even tried a few things before Mixcraft, but none of them were easy enough or had enough features to really "mix" music. When I stumbled across Mixcraft I downloaded the free trial and was automatically hooked. I knew I had to buy it because it was, without a doubt, the easiest and most fun software to use. Without Mixcraft I wouldn't have finished the cheerleading music. Thanks! :)

Destiny, Des Moines, IA

I did the free download, and last week I bought the Mixcraft and Beatcraft... MAN.. I love these programs. It’s fantastic, simple, and works. I do any serious recording all 100% analog (I have a small studio built around a ½ 8-track reel-reel). The tape is so expensive that I needed something else to work out song ideas. I had a 4-track, but it broke. Then I was using Garage Band before I got rid of my Mac. I wanted to use ProTools Free, but it doesn’t work on my PC laptop running Windows XP. But I am glad because I found Mixcraft. $40.00 AMAZING deal. It’s just so simple, perfect. And it NEVER freezes up (I’ve gotten up to 13 tracks). Man, as far as my own stuff is concerned, I really have no reason to record on anything else. I see a lot of complaining about what the program lacks. People who want it to be ProTool, Cubase, or whatever. But I’m asking that you guys (Acoustica) keep it simple. Because that’s why I like it. All I want to do is; 1) plug-in a mic 2) record a guitar track and 3) move on to the next track. Other than drums, I record all REAL instruments. And this works for me. I don't even know what midi is, nor do I want to. It doesn't sound fun. Anyway… Thanks. p.s. If you ever do an update, some hot-keys would be nice… other than that, don’t mess with it.

G. Sopor

I am very pleased with your programme. I use Mixcraft for training journalist students in editing news and current affairs packages in the way they are produced in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The packages is a mix of sound bites, clean sound, speak and interviews - and sometimes music.

Jens Franck, Institut for Journalistik, Syddansk Universitet

I am a musician /teacher and wanted to make decent recordings for study purposes. I do not understand recording techniques too well but am not entirely ignorant on the subject. I downloaded several softwares but had little success until I chanced upon Mixcraft. So easy to use but such good results! Oh! I almost forget to mention the very reasonable price - surely it's worth much more........Many thanks!

Peter Hudson, United Kingdom

I appreciate your great technical support. I've been using Acoustica products for about five years, and it's my primary music creation software. I've done hundreds of projects with your software, made a few hundred dollars, and I can't tell you how happy I've been with it all. I re-up every time I get a new computer, and now I think this MixCraft is the best of all! Thanks to you at Acoustica for your hard efforts at making a great product that's easy to use but complex enough that I'll never be able to use it to it's full capacity. ;) I use Mixcraft almost every day for my radio show, my band's live recordings and studio work, and various streaming from the internet. It's the best software I've used for recording. It's worth the small price you're charging and hundreds of dollars more. Thank you. I appreciate your software! Thank You!

Bryan Bridges

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That fixed my problem, my 'Mixcraft' is back to it's old self and I have truly missed my old fried. What a wonderful software package you have there. It is so easy to use. I had "Cakewalk" once, and I just gave it away, and hate the mention of the word. Most of all I thank you for all your help through this, I thought I had lost my best friend forever, and I was truly grieving over this problem. Thank you so much. Sincerely, " (Note: she had her video colors set to 256, so large sections of the Mixcraft screen were blacked out. )

Sheleah Gardner

After enjoying the trial versions of Mixcraft and Audio Mixer, I knew I had to have these programs. I've tried other music editing programs, but found them too complicated or unable to fit my needs. I was able to use Audio Mixer and Mixcraft "right out of the box" and have already made over 20 demos. I'm buying Beatcraft next. Thanks for helping bring my musical ideas to life!

Robert Crisp, Savannah, Georgia

Dear Wonderful Acoustica Staff, I am the proud owner of your "Power Pak Pro" software. I just think you folks are the Greatest thing to come along since Sliced Bread....... :) Your product is so "User Friendly"....I had previously purchased a product, er, mmmmmm......Cakewalk. That was a total disaster for me.....tooo complicated, and I am a professional "Song Writer" who is in something I can use right here at home, instead of burning up "Studio Time"....I record onto a Fostex MR-8 digital recorder, load the tracks into the computer, and there is the most "Awesome" mix down software waiting to make the songs sound like they have just come out of a studio. Thank You for being there for those of use, who were disgusted with what was out there on the market to use. Just thought you would like to know "Acoustica" is a welcome friend to this owner. Thank You So Much....now please do not disappear and "Go Away".....I am doing my best to spread the word about your product. Love and Gratefulness,

Sheleah Gardner

Okay, this by far is an incredible program, especially at the price. One thing I love by far is the ability to run my guitar through the soundcard on my PC and then mix the sound with your superb effects. One thing I would LOVE to see would be some sort of distortion plugin. Any chance of something like this in the future? Again, thank you for the great product!

Joe Aakre

Hi, this my work. MixCraft is really the best software. I am Dj and I am using MixCraft to create my music. I use MixCraft with 5000 samples and loops. This my project :)) Enjoy it ..

Ejay Compeny Sund (http://www.ss4arab.net/Commetoi.ra)

Hi, I just wanted to give my thoughts on your product. I have been in radio for over 30 yrs and remember the days of splicing tape to edit a spot. After going all automation with our station, we were using Cool Edit 2000 with our 8 Track Tascam 688 which allowed us to do all mixing on the 8 track tape. Then we mixed down to Cool Edit. Having lost the tape care >of the board, we started looking into buy Cool Edit Pro only to find they no longer make it and it is now Adobe and only costs --- $300 for new or $200 upgrade. I just did not want to spend that much money to do just radio production work. I downloaded all kinds of software to test out and found most of them too complicated or not suitable to do what we needed to do. However, I downloaded Mixcraft and was able to produce a spot and get it on the air in less then 30 mins. This software is easy to use, easy to add more tracks or take them away. We still use Cool Edit to do editing (sorry... but 8 years using this I am used to it) but what I was able to do in just an hour of playing around is amazing. I made the choice after 2 days of play and I am sure I have only touched the surface of what this program can do. Also thanks for your quick tech support to help me get it up and running in a short amount of time. I am very happy with Mixcraft and plan to let others know in radio about your product.

Kevin Grady (Radio station WZZJ)

Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks for the great product and fabulously easy interface. I upgraded from Acoustica about six months ago and love the added features, especially the compression that I use for vocals, and the FX. Also, thanks for the ease with which I can now record midi files as they play. I have used other programs to do that before, even simply to record cassettes, and the levels were always a bear to get right or the input settings were hidden away somewhere deep in a help file. With Mixcraft, it's just too easy. Thanks for the great product. I'm glad I found you.

Dave Hart, Cohoes, NY

Mixcraft is an amazing software. I ran the trial version and was really impressed with what it does. Now I bought the code to open it and magic will be coming from my studio. Keep it up guys.

Simon Botswana, Southern Africa

Mixcraft is just incredibly awesome! I have no idea what a musical note even looks like and I can create music from virtually nothing. I have done private remixes or various hit songs.. and they sound even better! I may not be able to read music however, I know what sounds good! Thanks a bunch Mixcraft!!


I downloaded your program and have been having a lot of fun playing with it. This program is really easy to use and not over laden with features like so many other programs are.

Lance Armstrong, Plano, Dallas, Texas

I love Mixcraft! It was about time something like this came out. Programs like Cubase, Cool Edit & Pro Tools only get in the way of my creativity & work flow because I have to select options and click buttons so much.


Hello , my name is Jeff, and I must say that Mixcraft is , without a doubt, THE BEST PROGRAM THERE IS!!! I'm not a professional musician what so ever, but I do use the program too make music and effects for slideshows on the internet. (www.mississippimud.neptune.com). Mixcraft allows me too have music and too add sound clips over the music, it allows me total creativity ! The best part of the deal, is that it is EASY!! SIMPLE!!! A NO BRAINER!!! Mixcraft is well worth the 40 dollars I spent on it, in my opinion it could easily sell for double. (Don't even think about it accountants) lol. Anyway, best wishes for your company, I believe I'm buying Beatcraft next, another great program!!


I am very pleased and surprised with your new Mixcraft software. It's look and layout are very professional without being daunting to the new user. Everything is right where you'd expect it to be and the visuals are virtually clutter-free.

The ease of use was a great bonus. Everything was so "intuitive". Once I loaded my first sound file, I was amazed with the many things that I can do with it alone. Adding and keeping track of other sound files was a snap. My creativity seemed to flow with Mixcraft's ease of use. And with just a few minutes of playing with the effects, they became very easy to understand and added greatly to my mix.

I am very happy to have found Mixcraft and I would recommend it very highly. I'm sure I'll be using it for a long time to come. Best regards,

B. J. Hughes

I have used a lot of different home recording software programs and have to say that Mixcraft has the most intuitive interface for easy navigation so you can spend your time doing what you want - Record Music!! Thank you Acoustica team!!

"Speaking Beast"

Hello, My name is William and I wish to say that the MP3 audio mixer with Mixcraft is excellent . It has been very useful for my music as far as for sound effects and more. This product is faster than any other audio mixers that I know today . Believe me , there will be no other audio mixer that can beat Acoustica . Thanks Acoustica for your amazing products and also , Thank you for Lois and your representative online that helps giving support & caring for their customers . Keep up the good work and God Bless....Sincerely,

William Frank Camacho, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ( DJ Mousie )

This program makes it very, very easy to record over and add recordings to something you've already done. It plays what you've done along with your recording so you hear what you need to. Then adding it is simply a click away! The volume control for each track is really helpful, as well. Another great thing is just the overall simplicity of the whole recording process. One of the things, however, that pulls all of it together is the MANY NUMBER OF EFFECTS! There are so many effects to choose from and add to anything: vocals, bass, guitar, drums, you name it. There's a great number of effects for reverb, chorus, delay, flanger, EQ, and (one of the most helpful) compressor. This product is easy to use and worth the trial.

B Rich

You guys truly are the best! Thank you so much for bringing in OGG to Mixcraft! It's really now the best program I have and I started using it for everything. Keep up the excellent work.


Although I am a professional web audio consultant and have professional audio equipment, I can honestly say there is no simpler way to mix audio channels and still get professional results.

W. Nolting

Could Heaven on Earth BE any better?!!" This program is Acoustica's BEST yet. It has everything a producer could need (If you know what your doing). There are endless opportunities with the special effects added to this software. The only thing it lacks from the older version is the "Rate" feature. Bring that back, and "WHAM!!!" I mainly use this program just to lay down my vocals, but now with this newer version, I use it for almost the whole process as recording. If you add Magix Music Studio 7 as your external editor, you'll be a recording and/or a producing fool just like me. Nuff' said.

Duane from Download.com

I just love the Acoustica programs!!! I checked the site and found the new Mixcraft. Let me tell you something...I've been searching for a program that can mix MP3's and add effects to the songs all in one. My search has finally ended! This is such a relief and it will greatly increase the qualities of my songs in the future!

Joe Strosin

I'd have to say that I have been waiting for software like this my whole life! It is the greatest thing since the 67 Chevy truck! I'm going to try beatcraft now! I made some awesome cd's for cruisin' and once I buy the software I can't imagine what will be next! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! WOW!

Blair, Ontario, Canada

I am completely impressed by this application! It is the best piece of software to do what I need to do and your team has done a wonderful job!!! Great work!

Ted Youngberg

By far the simplest and easiest tool that I have used. I have downloaded other programs but this one really made an impression on how easy and feature rich is. I used it for mixing music from different sources including recording my own voice right into it. The only thing missing is the Editor for WAV files - which by the way, I used WavePad for that task.Way to go guys!

Jose Zaldivar, Calgary, Canada

Acoustica does it again, just when you thought sound editing couldn't get any better, Acoustica takes sound editing to a new level with Mixcraft. You certainly get your monies worth with this product.

Mark Eggers

I have been in the Disc Jockey (DJ) business for sometime now. and I love this product I can basically do anything with any song, I use it a lot for my video editing software. Thanks Acoustica!

Luis M

Mixcraft Is Great! I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note telling you guys what great products you have. I have had the Burner and the Label Maker for almost two years and they are Kickin'. I just purchased the "Mixcraft" music/sound editor last night and I am excited to start learning and playing with it. I really like the Real Audio converter! A real nice plus to your product! I have a ton to learn on using this product, but I believe I have got a pretty good hold on it so far. Again, great job guys!

Mark, Missouri

I used Acoustica Mixcraft and Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker to create the soundtracks and DVD labels. The music behind the carriage ride, "Sleigh Ride" performed by the Boston Pops was originally too short so I was able to lengthen it, using Mixcraft, by copying and moving various parts. I am very impressed by Mixcraft's ease of use.

David Chappell

I LOVE this version! At first, I was just using Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer, but this is ten times better. I just want to say keep up the good work!


A little tricky at first, but using next to nothing for tutorials, I was a master at it in a very short time. A very well priced product that works well. My only comment would be incorporating CD ripping and burning with this software. I have to use my Windows Media player for ripping and then burning after Mixcraft is finished. Using the Media player works alright but not perfect all the time. I would recommend Mixcraft to anyone, easy, very smooth operation and easy > to use!

G. Grayson

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