2. Arming and Recording Tracks
Video Tutorials

Learn how to arm and record tracks in these Mixcraft Video Tutorials.

Arming and Recording Tracks

1.Recording With A Microphone
How to arm a track for recording in Mixcraft, plus helpful information on monitoring while recording.

2.Recording Electric Guitar
How to arm a track, monitor recording, and set up an amp simulator plug-in for rockin' electric guitar recordings!

3.Using Mixcraft's Built-in Guitar Tuner
Learn how to use the super-handy guitar tuner inside every Mixcraft audio channel.

4.Punch In/Out Recording
How to use Mixcraft's punch in/out functionality.

5.Loop Mode
How to set up and use Mixcraft's loop mode.

6.Record Mode and Lanes
Using Mixcraft's three recording modes and lane recording.