6. Performance Panel
Video Tutorials

Learn how to use the Performance Panel in these Mixcraft Video Tutorials.

Performance Panel

1.Performance Panel Basics
How to get up and running with Mixcraft's awesome Performance Panel.

2.Arming and Recording
How to record Performance Panel sessions into Mixcraft's main clip workspace.

3.Sound Tab Parameters
Customizing behaviors for individual clips in the Performance Panel.

4.Solo Button
Isolating Performance Panel playback with the solo button.

5.Mapping Computer Keys and Keyboard Controllers
Use your computer's keyboard or a MIDI/USB keyboard controller to play Mixcraft's Performance Panel.

6.Using The Novation Launchpad
How to use Novation's Launchpad grid controller with Mixcraft's Performance Panel.

7.Recording Audio and MIDI Clips Direct To The Performance Panel
How to take advantage of Mixcraft 8's direct-to-performance-panel recording.