1. Using Mixcraft's
Loops and Library
Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Mixcraft's Loops and Library in these Mixcraft Video Tutorials.

Using Mixcraft's Loops and Library

1.Composing A Song With Loops
How to quickly and easily build a track using the song kits in included in the Mixcraft 7 loop library.

2.Loop Preview and Content Filtering
How to preview and narrow down selections using Mixcraft 7's massive sound and loop library.

3.Adding User Loops to A Project
How to add your own loops to a Mixcraft 7 project.

4.Importing Loops Into Mixcraft's Library
Here we explain how to add third-party or user created loops and sounds to Mixcraft's sound library.

5.Recording A Sound and Adding It To Mixcraft's Library
How to make a recording in Mixcraft and add it to Mixcraft's loop and sound library.

6.Organizing The Mixcraft Library With Additional Categories
Here's how to use Mixcraft's "hidden" sort columns to help organize user and included loops.

7.Using The Mixcraft and Freesound.org Libraries
Here's how to use Mixcraft 8's new and improved sound library browsing, including direct Freesound.org browsing and download functionality.