4. Virtual Instruments
and MIDI
Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Virtual Instruments and MIDI in these Mixcraft Video Tutorials.

Virtual Instruments and MIDI

1.Setting up USB and MIDI Controllers
How to plug in and set up external USB and MIDI controllers.

2.Using Mixcraft's Musical Typing Keyboard
How to use your computer's QWERTY keyboard to play notes in Mixcraft.

3.How To Add A Virtual Instrument
How to quickly and easily add a virtual instrument.

4.Using the Virtual Instrument Window
Using Mixcraft's virtual instrument window to create layers, splits, and more!

5.Recording MIDI Tracks
How to record MIDI tracks using a USB MIDI controller.

6.Editing Multiple MIDI Tracks Simultaneously
How to edit multiple MIDI clips at a time.

7.Mixcraft's Included Instruments, Part 1
Sound demos of a variety of Mixcraft's included instruments.