Record Cleaners
Equipment & Accessories For Spin It Again

Cleaning Supplies

Other Cleaning Supplies:
Milty Pixall Roller MKII
$39.95 (record cleaner)

Devised for removing surface dust and damaging microdust particles embedded deep within the record grooves.

Gruv Glide
$26.95 (record cleaner)

Increases the fidelity of the record, but also reduces surface noise, removes static, and cleans the record.
Discwasher D4 Kit
$20.00 (record cleaner)

The D4+ Solution cleans and protects records without deposit residue or extracting crucial vinyl stabilizers

Cables & Adapters

Monster Cable AICYP Mini Y-Adapter

With Monster's iSplitter, sharing is simple. Plug in your headphones and listen to all those tunes you've got stored in your iPod or laptop.

Audioquest 3.5mm-2 Female RCA
Belkin PureAV Mini-Stereo Audio Cable

Cable connects portable CD or digital audio players to portable speakers or AV receiver.
Phillips 3.5mm Adapters 4pk
Hosa Nickel-Plated Dual Cable (Dual RCA to Dual RCA) 3.3 FT

Phono Preamps

Have a laptop and no line in?  You'll need a USB device!
(For laptops without a line in, you'll need a USB phono preamp!)
Replacement needles/stylus:
Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

This high quality stereo preamplifier will allow you to replace a Crystal or ceramic stereo cartridge with a better quality magnetic stereo cartridge while using the original stereo amplifier supplied with your turntable.
ART USB Phono Plus V2 RIAA Phono Preamp

The USBPhonoPlus v2 is the ideal low cost interface solution for transferring any analog or digital audio source, including a turntable into a computer via standard USB connection.

Need to connect your record player, turntable or tape deck to your computer? The PhonoFace USB is the perfect solution.