Spin It Again History

05/08/2009 Spin It Again 2.5 b46

  • Fix for registration issue for accounts that were not the one the installation was performed on.
  • Added Program Group folder and desktop shortcut for accounts the installation was not performed on.
  • [Download 2.5 b46]

04/13/2009 Spin It Again 2.5 b45

  • Fix for harmless popup dialogs when first starting software.
  • No longer supports Win98,ME,NT and 2000.

03/17/2009 Spin It Again 2.5 b43

  • Fix for harmless popup dialogs when first starting software.
  • No longer supports Win98,ME,NT and 2000.

03/09/2009 Spin It Again 2.5 b42

  • CD Text enhancement - now burning more cd text fields
  • Fix for rendering to poorly formatted folder, bad chars would get changed into a space. Now trimming spaces.
  • Now launching default browser on install completion.
  • New burning engine!!! (Primo) - Go to prefs and change to it.
  • Fix for loading large files (bigger than 2 gb)
  • Fix for mysteriously created folders on startup.
  • Better track naming from typed in album info, including better support for mixed artist compilations.
  • Fixed confusing quit dialog when set to auto delete.
  • Fixed problems at 192khz sample rate.
  • Fixed track volume changes
  • IMAPI burning of a full CD now fixed.
  • Other changes and fixes.
[Download 2.5 b42]

09/13/2007 Spin It Again 2.1 b39

  • Fix for parsing bad wav files
  • Fix for crash when parsing for tracks.
  • Added ability to delete temp files and set temp folder
  • After changing effects in prefs, we no longer lose Advanced Cleaning and Noise Reduction.
[Download 2.1 b39]

08/08/2007 Spin It Again 2.1 b38

  • New Goldenhawk burning engine.
  • Fix for rate adjusted sounds with different sample rates (potential crash!)
  • Was resetting rate accidentally upon a clear.
  • Playback time was not accurate for rate adjusted sounds.
  • Auto detect tracks bulletproofing
[Download 2.1 b38]

07/11/2007 Spin It Again 2.1 b36

  • Auto pause was not working - which would result in large files filling up the hard drive!
[Download 2.1 b36]

07/07/2007 Spin It Again 2.1 b35

  • Feature: monitoring for USB devices!
  • Feature: Type in track/album information during recording!
  • Feature: Automatically look up track information from MusicBrainz.org!
  • Feature: Uses typed in / looked up info to aid in track detection!
  • Feature: Record 2X longer - Up to 13.52 hours at CD quality!
  • Feature: New easy speed adjuster for recording 78s and 45 rpm!
  • Feature: Normalize per track or for the whole recording
  • Feature: Ability to adjust volume per track!
  • Fix for rendering mp3 files!
  • Fix for asking to delete loaded files if you went to the level wizard and then canceled.
  • Fix for clicking next or prev during loading on post record page. (Would crash) Changes for some hardware wizard graphics and text.
  • Fix for selecting default devices and level wizard.
  • Fix for burner options changes - Now requires software restart.
  • Added some help items for manual splitting.
[Download 2.1 b35]

08/17/2006 Spin It Again 1.1 b30

  • Fixed mp3 creation bug. Tag info was not compatible with some products/programs.
  • Recording window title text now showing correctly.
  • Missing text strings and issue with choosing a recording directory.
  • Was crashing if invalid recording directory was selected.
[Download 1.1 b30]

07/07/2006 Spin It Again 1.1 b22

  • Better CD Text support.
  • Fixed mp3 rendering bug - Windows Media Player was not too happy with it.
[Download 1.1 b22]

05/04/2006 Spin It Again 1.1 b20

  • Updated help
  • Added more supported CD recorders
  • Added goldenhawk override button and interface
  • Fixed "Create" button workings
  • Fixed CD-Text issue
  • Fixed possible early exit from rendering mp3s.
  • Fixed clicking on rate adjusted recording issue.
[Download 1.1 b20]

02/21/2006 Spin It Again 1.1 b18

  • Added a new advanced click and pop remover. It's great...try it out with the presets "Vinyl Light Cleaning" or anything with the word vinyl...or you can load up the effects dialog and customize your own preset!
  • Added the ability to tag with more than 1 artist, genre, year, comments and album, if desired...Especially useful for multi-artist compilation albums.
  • Fix for saving over existing recording crash
[Download 1.1 b18]

02/01/2006 Spin It Again 1.0 b16

  • Fix for not burning all tracks on CD in some cases.
  • Fixed never ending insert CD loop in some cases.
  • Lowered memory footprint.
[Download 1.0 b16]

01/23/2006 Spin It Again 1.0 b13

  • Fix for pref to not auto pause was not working at all.
  • DirectX & VST Plug In Delay compensation fix

12/23/2005 Spin It Again 1.0 b11

  • Fix for not recognizing some soundcards, especially hi-end ones.
  • Added/changed recording tips
  • Fix to track tagging area - blanking out a track name and click next or prev would cause a crash.
  • Fix to track tagging area - Weird editing is fixed in obscure case of mouse focus.
  • Added a "Save Recording" button to the destination screen...let's you save your recording for future use.
  • Updated help file
  • Fixed a major bug in rendering to MP3 files. Would result in slight clicks and pops at the start of tracks.
  • Fixed Window's mixer bug for some sound cards
  • If loading a preset with a missing effect such as DirectX or VST, it now tells you that there was an effect missing.
  • Added more logging to help find those obscure bugs.
[Download 1.0 b11]

12/11/2005 Spin It Again 1.0 b9

  • Fix to burning multiple CDs...ie: recording spanned more than 1 CD
  • Now asking you if you want to delete a recording if the pref is on.
  • Fix for dialogs popping up over each other on 'working page'.
  • Fixed crash for weird zoom situation on edit and preview page
  • Fixed zoom point to be where ever caret is.
[Download 1.0 b9]

12/07/2005 Spin It Again 1.0 b8

  • Burning Fixes
  • Added more prefs and confirmation screens
  • WMA fix
  • Fixed crash when auto track detect was off
  • Added max recording features
  • Fixed mixer level adjustment problems
[Download 1.0 b8]

12/01/2005 Spin It Again 1.0 b7

  • Initial release!